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Canon Demos New Head-Mounted Augmented-Reality Display 53

Press2ToContinue writes with this excerpt from ExtremeTech: "With products like Google's Glass, the Oculus Rift, and even certain features found on the Nintendo 3DS, augmented, mixed, and virtual reality are starting to make some headway in the consumer space. Canon, best known for its cameras, is looking to break into the mixed reality scene with its new head-mounted display. ... The core of the setup is the Canon HMD (head-mounted display) which works in conjunction with various sensors — optical and magnetic, as well as visual markers — to help create the mixed reality environment. The HMD employs two cameras located in front of each eye that captures video and shoots it off to an off-board, tethered computer. The computer then combines the real-world visuals with computer-generated visuals, and beams that back to two monitors placed in front of the eyes within the HMD. The unit combines with a development platform, dubbed the MR Platform, which allows companies to create mixed reality images to display on the HMD."
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Canon Demos New Head-Mounted Augmented-Reality Display

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  • Application ideas: (Score:5, Interesting)

    by SuricouRaven ( 1897204 ) on Saturday February 23, 2013 @02:17PM (#42990317)

    Adblock RL: Replaces all billboards, posters and other advertising with blank space.
    Social-app: Automatically recognises the faces of everyone you are supposed to know and overlays name and a history of recent interactions, allowing you to pretend you care enough to remember who they are.
    Nudievision: Construct a 3d model of figures and overlay, effectively removing clothing.
    Pure Eyes: Blocks any sexual images, including women showing more flesh than would be considered modest in an Amish town. Marketed at the super-devout Christian market.
    Halal Eyes: Actually just Pure Eyes with the logo changed, but marketed to Muslims instead.
    Child compass: Receives GPS position from offspring's mobile phone and maintains a continually updated directional indicator to aid to recapture when they run off.
    Pedofinder: For every face seen, perform automatic lookup in public sex offender databases. A vital app for all paranoid parents so they know when to shun people.
    Gaydar: Tags an icon over any other Gaydar user.

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