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CT State Senator Wants To Ban Kids From Using Arcade Guns 335

New submitter Nyder writes "In a move that is sure to bring tears to the eyes of kids everywhere, Connecticut State Senator Toni Harp proposed a bill in January that would ban anyone younger than 18 from playing 'violent point-and-shoot' video games in arcades or other public establishments. 'The bill also called for research into the effects of violent video games on young minds, through a committee called the Violent Video Game Task Force within the Department of Children and Families. The task force would advise the Governor and General assembly on state programs that "may reduce the effects of violent video games on youth behavior," suggesting before the research was done that violent video games have an effect on children's actions.' Hopefully this won't pass; I guess the video game lobby hasn't paid this Senator enough 'funds' for her campaign."
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CT State Senator Wants To Ban Kids From Using Arcade Guns

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  • by Sponge Bath ( 413667 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @09:47AM (#42966005)
    The birds are chirping, and clueless politicians race to implement laws protecting children from video games and other "immoral" behavior.
    • Don't worry: I'm sure clueless politicians will happily race to create all sorts of stupid laws in any season.

      George Carlin had an important point on this particular issue: These politicians want to take away all the toy guns from kids, but let them keep the real ones! My personal advice to any parent who owns guns is to not only teach kids basic gun safety (assume it's always loaded, don't point at anything you don't plan to shoot, etc), but to also keep your guns locked up so that kids can't take your gun

      • This is good advice, but there's a trend in talking about Sandy Hook that bothers me.

        The thing about Sandy Hook is people keep talking about kids. Well, the only kids involved were being shot at by an adult man. It's not that this isn't good advice, it's that this tendency to infantilize Adam Lanza kind of sickens me.

        If he was committing carjackings on behalf of the Bloods, or was an up and comer in the New York Mafia, would he get the same treatment?

        It bothered me after Columbine, but at least in that ca

        • by epyT-R ( 613989 )

          yeah but the politicians want to tie it to kids because of lanza's upbringing.. It's spurious bullshit of course. I wonder what it is about CT that spawns such idiocy. Lieberman and Dodd were pulling this crap with Mortal Kombat back in 91.

    • by alen ( 225700 )

      not clueless, bought

      connecticut is the home to most of the gun manufacturers. the industry lobbying group is in sandy hook, close to the school that was shot up. the gun lobby is pushing the violent video game thing to keep guns legal

    • by Luckyo ( 1726890 )

      Or clued in politicians with certain agenda diverting attention from things their handlers told them to divert attention from and diverting said attention to things their handlers told them to divert attention to.

  • Hey, why not? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by hsmith ( 818216 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @09:50AM (#42966041)
    They want to ban firearms for purely cosmetic features that make no difference between it and other models, why not? Who said laws have to make sense, they clearly don't with nutter Diane Feinsteins gun bill.
  • pedophiles (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Iamthecheese ( 1264298 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @09:50AM (#42966045)
    Communists, "gun violence", video games, SARS, terrorists, jesus fucking christ. I can't believe people are actually stupid enough to fall into line for the scare of the day anymore.
    • Communists, "gun violence", video games, SARS, terrorists, jesus fucking christ. I can't believe people are actually stupid enough to fall into line for the scare of the day anymore.

      I think you deserve a mod-up. Well said.

    • I can't believe people are actually stupid enough to fall into line for the scare of the day anymore.


      Have you met any of them?

    • Do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream.

      You know when fluoridation first began? Nineteen hundred and forty-six. Nineteen forty-six, Mandrake. How does that coincide with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It's incredibly obvious, isn't it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual.

  • by craznar ( 710808 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @09:56AM (#42966107) Homepage

    ...invisible or something?

    How on earth can a country be so contradictory?

    • The guy is placating parents. The media loves to blame these mass shootings on video games... these blinking screens that are turning your children into mindless psychopaths.

      So he's hoping for the "Thank god SOMEBODY is finally thinking of the children" vote.

      It's possible this guy is also against guns in general, but even if not... that's obviously not the issue in a lot of parents eyes. It's "protect my baby... from myself... since I can't stop myself from buying him violent games"

      • When I was a young man, working at Software Etc., in the Golden Age of 16bit video games, I ran into this. I had a Mom come in with a real attitude problem.

        Her problem was she hated video games, but her son was the only kid in his class who didn't have a console and he really wanted one. So she said, but "I want to protect him from this garbage," and pointed at Sonic Blast Man [] for the Super Nintendo, apparently at random.

        I told her, "No reason to buy a console. Here buy this copy of Mario is Missing [] for

    • Because the pharmaceutical industry is huge in the US and we've got a mentality of just drugging people up rather than working on improving their condition and mental state without using harmful psychiatric drugs.
  • Maybe 17-year olds could be allowed to play with parental consent. After all, they are allowed to join the army and use real guns to kill real people.

  • Why don't we just ban everything!? Let's just ban everything till the we get to the point of having no joy in our lives whatsoever .... oh wait, we're already there.
    • Banning is insufficient. People may actually try to live their lives in a non-optimal manner. We can't stop until everyone behaves in the manner which has been deemed to provide the maximum productive output with minimal societal cost.

      • Cybermen Voices: We have been upgraded.
        The Doctor: Into what?
        Cybermen Voices: The next stage of mankind. We are human point two.


  • Heh (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Greyfox ( 87712 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:01AM (#42966177) Homepage Journal
    Video game guns now more illegal than real ones.
    • Video game guns now more illegal than real ones.

      Not more illegal than, as illegal as. Kids can't go shoot real guns without parental permission. Still ridiculous. I personally own one of the black Sega Saturn light guns imported from Japan. Do I have to worry that they're going to go knocking door to door for my illegal light gun? :)

  • Considering that pesticides kill far more people in the western world than guns do; I think we should definitely ban FarmVille... :p
  • by wylderide ( 933251 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:02AM (#42966185) Homepage
    ... Gun shaped video game controllers kill people.
  • by McGregorMortis ( 536146 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:10AM (#42966289)

    And you'll keep on researching it, until you give us the answer we want.

  • by Jawnn ( 445279 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:10AM (#42966303)
    I'll be happy to let you ban violent video games if you and your peers are willing to lighten up about, oh... let's say bare breasts appearing on television. Frankly, I'm beyond tired of the dichotomy, wherein a person's insides, blown all over the place by gunfire/explosions, is fit for all ages, but the naked human form (the outside of it, at least) is not.
  • by sl4shd0rk ( 755837 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:12AM (#42966319)

    I can't think of too many gun related massacres which were the direct result of "violent video games". In fact, most were the result of mentally unstable people coming into possession of a some type of device to cause harm -- not just guns. I think a lot of the tragedies could have been prevented had people close to the murderer(s) taken responsible action, early on, when harmful behavior was exhibited:

    Most people can "Doom away" 24x7 and have no problem separating fantasy from reality. A small portion cannot. That same small portion who cannot will result to whatever means is at their disposal when they become unstable. Banning guns, video games, magazine capacities, does not address the core issue and actually ignores it.

    Role playing is important for healthy mental growth. Video games aid in that role playing for most healthy individuals. Prohibition isn't going to fix anything. Never does.

    • by chihowa ( 366380 )

      I think a lot of the tragedies could have been prevented had people close to the murderer(s) taken responsible action, early on, when harmful behavior was exhibited

      Unfortunately, there's no mechanism for doing that. The only mechanism for involving the authorities for a non-minor is through the criminal law system, which is designed less for treatment and more for punishment. I can't think of a way to get mental help for someone about to crack that wouldn't cost an enormous amount of money or turn them into a felon. We need to fix that.

  • I'd say these politicians are jumping the gun, but they've probably introduced a bill to ban doing that as well.

    • by fatphil ( 181876 )
      Indeed. All the scientific data they need in order to evaluate correlations and risks is available in the well-respected peer-reviewed journals. Unfortunately (and I hope your crap joke detector is flashing red now), those journals have been classified as over-sized magazines, and are now banned.
  • More importantly (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Charliemopps ( 1157495 ) on Thursday February 21, 2013 @10:26AM (#42966469)

    More importantly, lets have a study regarding the effects of the united states having troops in nearly every country on earth, being involved in at least 3 wars simultaneously, and the US military glamorizing their profession through television and news adds. If you want to stop gun violence, stop putting rifles into the hands of teenagers and sending them into 3rd world countries to "keep the peace" I don't think playing Halo or hunting squirls with their dads are having anywhere near the effect of what the US governments planting into their heads about guns and "justified violence"

    • >More importantly, lets have a study regarding the effects of the united states having troops in nearly every country on earth

      We have troops in 25 countries (not counting territories), not "nearly ever country on earth."

      >being involved in at least 3 wars simultaneously

      lol wut?

      >US military glamorizing their profession through television and news adds.

      You're right. They shouldn't advertise. The gubmint should make service mandatory. Th

  • The NRA's new policy of blaming video games is only going to backfire on firearm manufacturers. Part of the alure of top selling firearms like the AR-15 is how cool you think you are as soon as you have one. Take away movies like Rambo and Scareface or video games like Call of Duty (which pays gun manufacturers royalties to depict the various makes and models), and the demand for AR-15s and AK-47s is sure to decline over time.

    Hunting as a past time has been on the decline for several decades now, and with

    • by EvilSS ( 557649 )
      So what I hear you saying is that banning violent video games will reduce gun violence. Interesting theory you have there.
    • The NRA's new policy of blaming video games...

      Um... what does the NRA have to do with a bill sponsored by a Democratic Congressperson?

      Take away movies like Rambo and Scareface

      LOLZ - "Scareface." Best typo of the day.

      Hunting as a past time has been on the decline for several decades now

      That's a real shame, considering how important hunting is to conservation efforts.

      without movies and video games only sporting enthusiasts from law enforcement and military backgrounds will have much serious interest in these sorts of weapons.

      I think you've hit upon the rationale of the Democrat who sponsored the bill. It's stupid and not based in reality, but hey, this is 'Murican politics we're talking about, so that's actually par for the course.

  • I'm expecting that by the end of the year a random person from the federal House to introduce a bill to make all FPS games be considered to be only appropriate for 18+ whether the ESRB likes it or not (and if necessary replace the ESRB with a federal agency).
  • Now, if only they would ban stuff that has real danger to the mental health of America.... such as Fox News.

  • Can we instead ban politicians from speaking?
  • You mean you have to use your hands? That's like a baby's toy.

  • Few people know how to shoot a rifle today. Imagine a population that knows nothing about firearms and becomes engaged in a land war. Bringing troops to the ready will be extremely difficult.

    Estimates are that during the Vietnam War 30K-60K bullets were fired for every enemy casualty. In Iran and Afghanistan they speak of a quarter of a million rounds per enemy casualty. [] To some degree these poor numbers can be laid to "cover fire" but it also cannot be denied that the average army grunt is nowhere as skil

    • To almost all the degree it can be laid to cover fire. We can shoot more bullets in a day then were shot in the entire civil war. Back then you had to make your shot count because you didn't have a second one (in any reasonable amount of time). If we want to kill people with the fewest rounds possible we use snipers. Back then they stood in long lines and shot each other.

      Stop romanticizing history. The south lost to the economic force of the north, how good each side shot didn't matter.

  • I would go the opposite direction: *encourage* target games, and even more realistic simulators, as part of trying to limit availability of real weapons. Insist that anyone who wants a gun license should be able to score high on a realistic simulator, like a driving test. Treat it like karting compared to real car racing.

    That said, I have found that games like "Descent" (shooting at robots and mining machines) give me just as much excitement as games shooting at people, with fewer qualms. (Yes, it's
  • Wait, this could be good. What would arcade game manufacturers have to do to work around this? The only thing I can think of would be some sort Kinect-esque system where the child just needs to hold their hand up to the game in a gun like fashion and go "bang, bang" like they do anyway. Or perhaps have one hand as the gun and one hand on a fire button. It could work. This could be a great catalyst for some innovation.
  • I used to play Time Crisis [] a lot in college, almost 20 years ago. While drunk. Haven't shot anyone yet.

  • this 13-year-girl. She's getting out of the house, away from staring at a screen, spending time with family and learning useful skills. []

    I feel sorry for folks stuck living in places where this sort of thing is prohibited or considered socially unacceptable.

  • Hey, if we get attacked by floating metal balls, cartoon bullseyes, and aliens at Area 51, I want kids covering my back with covering fire if there's no adults around.
  • This is the slippery slope. Thanks Liberals.
  • Don't ban the real guns, its the fake ones that are doing the real harm!

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