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The 3D Un-Printer 91

An anonymous reader writes "3D printing is on its way toward becoming ubiquitous. Of course, if you have such a printer and want to print something, you need raw materials — the plastic filament that's fed into the machine. It's also likely that while you're learning the ropes, you'll print a bunch of terrible attempts at objects, and end up having to throw them out. Now, Wired is reporting on a device aiming to solve both of those problems. Tyler McNaney's 'Filabot' will break down failed projects as well as many other plastic items from traditional manufacturers, turning them into a filament you can then feed through a 3D printer. 'So far the plastics that work are HDPE, LDPE, ABS, NYLON. More to come on the different types that work.' McNaney sees it as a 'closed-loop recycling system on your desk.' The Filabot's Kickstarter campaign succeeded easily in 2012, and now he and his team are getting ready to launch."
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The 3D Un-Printer

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  • Re:Nylon? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by lisaparratt ( 752068 ) on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:37PM (#42630027)

    The same nylon that outgasses cyanide upon heating, you mean?

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 18, 2013 @06:42PM (#42630077)

    I was under the impression that extruders to create the feed filament were still pretty expensive.
    Plastic pellet feed stock is cheap industrial commodity, a lot cheaper than the plastic spools that are ready to be fed in to your 3D printer.

    Hell with feeding this with bits of old plastic. If you can just feed it a bag of pellets, and it's cheap to buy, we'd have solved one of the bigger issues with DIY 3D printing.

  • by brkello ( 642429 ) on Friday January 18, 2013 @08:22PM (#42630773)

    It is becoming cheaper and cheaper. When the cost is low enough, more consumers will buy and it becomes profitable.

    Once people put out designs to buy for stupid things that teenagers like, it will fly off shelves. Print out your own cell phone cases or designs you can stick on your text books.

    Also, you have tinkerers who will think it is fun to play with at that price.

    All it will take is one killer product and everyone will start wanting one.

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