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Video CES: IN WIN Displays Costly but Beautiful Computer Cases (Video) 141

This video shows a computer case that's "pretty expensive," says Timothy Lord. "It's over $300. On the other hand, it is beautiful." The manufacturer, Taiwan-based IN WIN, has put a $399 MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) tag on their top-of-the-line "limited edition" computer cases. Wow. Most of us probably won't buy one of these, considering that low-cost mid-tower cases can be had for $30, and the entire computer used to edit this video cost $399 (with the addition of some RAM and a better video card). But there is a market for Lamborghinis, and there is a market for computer cases that cost as much as a complete low-end computer. And CES (annoying sounds if you click the link) is a great place to look at them even if you don't really need a computer case that costs more than a minimum wage worker's entire weekly paycheck.

Timothy Lord: Over the last several years, I have been moving more and more to laptops instead of conventional desktop PCs. But that is not true for everyone. Sometimes you need a bigger power supply, bigger hard drive, whatever, whatever reason it is that drives you to have a conventional desktop case. So the ones here range everything from ludicrously huge to vanishingly small. I just got a pretty good look at a case that is not either one of those extremes but it is pretty expensive. It is over $300. On the other hand, it is beautiful.

Sarah Lien: I am Sarah and I just got here. And if you don’t mind, I can give you a little introduction about the D-Frame.

Timothy: Okay great. What are we looking at here, right next to you? We’ve got an interesting pile of parts. And then we have got a case.

Sarah: Yes. I guess once when people get here, they can see the first part is a disassembled case, and they can play with the case, we know. But the cool thing is that we want to let the users build their case by themselves, from zero to completely 100 percent. As you can see, there are some components, but after that we will give you the toolsets, and the side panel glasses, and then you can build it like this.

Timothy: Tell me a little bit about the actual components that are in this case.

Sarah: The actual what?

Timothy: The components.

Sarah: Oh the components? So it is like, we got it with – actually we make all the material as aluminum pipe so that we can easily just install them. And then as you can see there is a shake-proof stand, so that when it is at the bottom, you can actually prevent it from shaking. So that is the most important part. And as you can see, there is a glass side panel, so that you can show off your equipment inside, that is a cool thing. And from here you can see, it is adjustable power supply holder, so after you screw it out, it can move actually, so that you can just fit any other size of power supply.

Timothy: Okay. And it doesn’t come with any of the components in here, you are supplying your own mother board and other accessories?

Sarah: No. It is just this thing.

Timothy: Okay. Now what will this retail for?

Sarah: What?

Timothy: What will this sell for?

Sarah: It sells for like crazy user and actually the MSRP is like $399.

Timothy: Okay. Will this be available worldwide?

Sarah: It will be available for at least Q2.

Timothy: Okay. And are these going to be limited edition?

Sarah: The important thing is that it’s limited edition. Actually there are only 500 pieces globally. And we are going to have an orange edition and there is a red edition as you can see.

Timothy: Looks like they have plenty of airflow.

Sarah: Yeah. Right. Especially it is open air cases, so even without fan, you will have a great remote solution.

Timothy: I see this one is quiet even though you’ve got three pretty big fans down there.

Sarah: Exactly.

Timothy: You can run it nice and quiet that way.

Sarah: Yeah. Right.

Timothy: Sarah, thank you very much. Is there anything else that you want to tell me about these cases?

Sarah: Thank you. No I think that will be all. But you will like to have one. This is really cool. And it makes you a big space so you can upgrade any equipment you want. So that we want to introduce. This is In Win. Thank you.

Timothy: Thanks very much.

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CES: IN WIN Displays Costly but Beautiful Computer Cases (Video)

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  • by coldsalmon ( 946941 ) on Friday January 11, 2013 @05:40PM (#42562241)

    More like a Lamborghini replica kit. It looks cool (or horrible, depending on your aesthetics), but it doesn't actually help you go faster.

  • Beautiful?!? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Lluc ( 703772 ) on Friday January 11, 2013 @05:51PM (#42562333)
    A beautiful case is one that is small enough to escape notice, quiet enough so that is is effectively silent, or well engineered enough to allow easy construction or 10 hard drive bays in a small volume. How many people really want a bright orange monstrosity on or under their desk that screams, "LOVE CHILD OF A COMPUTER AND AN ERECTOR SET!!"?
  • Epic fail (Score:1, Insightful)

    by ArrayIndexOutOfBound ( 694797 ) on Friday January 11, 2013 @06:08PM (#42562517)
    This post is horrendous. Apart from plugging in several links that fail any notability test, the case is not notable either as there are much cooler and much more expensive cases around, the video is cropped to oblivion and player controls don't fit in the video frame either. If only I could fathom why did I waste another minute on commenting???

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