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First Radeon HD 8000M GPU Benchmarked 68

J. Dzhugashvili writes "As Slashdot noted earlier this week, AMD has a new line of mid-range Radeon GPUs aimed at notebooks. The chips are based on the Graphics Core Next microarchitecture, and they're slated to show up in systems early next year. While the initial report was limited to specification details, the first review of the Radeon HD 8790M is now out, complete with benchmark data from the latest games. The 8790M is about 35% smaller than its 7690M predecessor but offers substantially better gaming performance across the board. Impressively, the new chip has similar power draw as the outgoing model under load, and its idle power consumption is slightly lower. Notebook makers should have no problems making the switch. However, it is worth noting that this new mobile GPU exhibits some of the same frame latency spikes observed on desktop Radeons, including in games that AMD itself has sponsored."
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First Radeon HD 8000M GPU Benchmarked

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  • Depends on your definition of "suck". Price-for-price, AMD and Intel are fairly comparable right now (each one is better at some things, sometimes embarrassingly so, but in most cases they aren't far apart). However, Intel's line goes a lot higher than AMD's. A top-of-the-line AMD desktop processor is currently around $200 (less on sale, which isn't hard to find this time of year). A top-of-the-line Intel CPU will run you over $1000, and that's on sale. The 3770K isn't top of the line, but it is well over $300 on sale. Note that that's not including the cost of the motherboards either, which also seem to be higher for Intel chipsets.

    To people who want the absolute best performance and money is no problem, Intel is the current king. Since the goal of the benchmarking is to test the graphics processor, they wanted to make sure that the performance wouldn't be CPU bottlenecked.

    I'm saying this by way of giving you the benefit of a doubt, but since anybody who pays attention to current benchmarks and hardware prices knew it already, it really does in fact look like you're trolling.

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