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The Secret To Iranian Drone Technology? Just Add Photoshop 183

garymortimer writes "Earlier this month, Iran's news agency provided visual evidence that its government had figured out to make a fancy new drone that could take off and land vertically. What they didn't tell us is that they used Photoshop to make it stop taking off from the roof of Japan's Chiba University, which built the aircraft and never had anything to do with Iran's alleged version of it."
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The Secret To Iranian Drone Technology? Just Add Photoshop

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  • by crazyjj ( 2598719 ) * on Thursday November 29, 2012 @10:33AM (#42129481)

    Though none of them are gay or drink alcohol, of course.

    But seriously, everything Iran does these days is done with one thing in mind: sending the message that they're strong and won't be invaded easily. Their military bragging, their nuclear program, etc. are all aimed at this. That's why I don't worry about them nuking Israel of any of that nonsense. They're not crazy, they just want to make it clear that they're not going to be an easy pushover the way Saddamn Hussein was.

    Look at it from their perspective. George W. Bush includes them as part of the "Axis of Evil" (and that speech one of the worst diplomatic blunders in the 21st century IMHO). Then he proceeds to invade one of the three members of said Axis, right next door. And this was just after the U.S. had invaded the country on the OTHER SIDE of them. It's little surprise that they went a little nuts and elected hardliners in the next election and really started ramping up their nuke program immediately following (or that North Korea followed suite). Let's face it, about the only way to ensure that the U.S. can't invade you is to have nukes.

    Their nukes, their saber rattling, even their Photoshopping of fictional weapons--those aren't about Israel, they're about the U.S.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 29, 2012 @12:20PM (#42130717)

    US and UK did not overthrow anyone in 1953. First of all, the government was not elected. Mossadegh was appointed to become PM by the Shah of Iran according to the Iranian constitution from 1906.

    The origin of this whole story is from CIA. Since when does CIA count as a reliable source? Do you believe everything CIA says? Everytime there is article about governments, CIA, NSA or anything similiar on Slashdot the majority of the people who comment are against these and always write bad things about them. But suddenly, in this one case, CIA musy say the truth!

    There are many books, articles, documents, audio that proves otherwise. Iranian and foreign historians say otherwise. You guys who frequently visit Slashdot should know that this is the age of Internet and lots of new information exists.

    Some goodies:

    Ardeshir Zahedi, whos father according to CIA played a huge role in this, wrote in his book "The CIA and IRAN - What Really Happened" : "My father never had any meetings with any CIA agents. One operative has claimed that he spoke to my father in German, ostensibly during secret meetings. The fact is that the only foreign languages my father ever spoke was Russian and Turkish, not German or English."

    Mossadegh was opposed by his own close friends, for example Hussein Makki and Mozzafar Baqai, who supported him a lot in the beginning. A leading member of the Majlis (parliament) Hassan Haeri-Zadeh, who had been one of Mossadeghâ(TM)s strongest supporters until then, even cabled the United nations secretary general to appeal for help against Mossadeghâ(TM)s increasingly despotic rule.

    Richard Helms, long time CIA director, told a BBC television program that '' the agency did not counter rumours of in Iran because the Iranian episode looked like a success. At the time, of course, agency needed some success, especially to counter fiascos as the Bay of Pigs.'''

    Donald Wilber, the CIA operative whose ''secret report'' has been given top billing by the New York Times makes it clear that whatever he and his CIA colleagues were up to in Tehran at the time simply failed.

    Barry Rubin writes âoeIt cannot be said that the United States overthrew Mussadeq and replaced him with the Shah⦠Overthrowing Mussadeq was like pushing an open door.â

    In closing, Mossadegh was an asshole. I can not remember exactly now, but he either closed the parliament or threatned to close the parliament if they did not give him dictatorial powers. He broke the economy of Iran. He forced women to wear hijabs again and so on. But that's another discussion.

    Take care.

  • by interval1066 ( 668936 ) on Thursday November 29, 2012 @12:47PM (#42131097) Homepage Journal

    It was only a deadly cold war in the eyes of the paranoid retard leaders in the US and USSR.

    You seem to believe that the cold war could have been avoided had the US (and I supose the USSR) "done things differently"? Of course. But you types seem to be perfectly happy to rest the fault of that era soley on a very simplistic view of the world at that time. And it is, but to colour the US as wholly or mostly complicate is to completely misunderstand the cold war and how it started.
    The Cold War is completely and wholly the fault of one Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin. His meglo paranoia led him to slaughter whole regions of his own country, swallow up whole countries out of eastern europe, and start fucking with other countries' politics behind the scenes. If you look at the stance and shape of eastern europe right after WWII its most obviously the stance of a defendable fortress whose enemy is directly from the west. This is the construction of an increadibly paranoid mind that controls the entire economy of the east. As proof I offer history as well as the outcome of the cuban missle crisis. Can you imagine the soviet ships turning back had Stalin still been in power? The cold war for the west was a response to a very diseased, paranoid mind armed with nukes, that's all. The US is not blameless, but less blameful than you seem to think.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 29, 2012 @01:22PM (#42131605)
    You totally ignore the fact that Iran had modern democratic republic before the Shah was installed by the US/British. Everything else since then has been blowback [] to the detriment of both the Iranians and the west:

    The coup d'état was "a critical event in post-war world history" that destroyed Iran's secular parliamentary democracy, by re-installing the monarchy of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, as an authoritarian ruler.[110] The coup is widely believed to have significantly contributed to the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which deposed the "pro-Western" Shah and replaced the monarchy with an "anti-Western" Islamic Republic.[23]

  • by Princeofcups ( 150855 ) <> on Thursday November 29, 2012 @04:40PM (#42134311) Homepage

    As proof I offer history as well as the outcome of the cuban missle crisis. Can you imagine the soviet ships turning back had Stalin still been in power? The cold war for the west was a response to a very diseased, paranoid mind armed with nukes, that's all. The US is not blameless, but less blameful than you seem to think.

    The Cuban missile crisis can be summarized as:
    1 - The US puts missiles in Turkey, aimed at the Soviets
    2 - The Soviets retaliate by shipping equivalent missile to Cuba, a simple parity move
    3 - Kennedy decides to play hardball by threatening Kruchev with nuclear war
    4 - Kruchev realizes that Kennedy is totally nuts, and decides to live with the Turkey missiles in order to avoid nuclear war

    At least that's my take on it. The US is not as blameless as you want to think.

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