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Vanderbilt University Steps Into the Exoskeleton Market 26

Zothecula writes "For people who are unable to walk under their own power, exoskeletons offer what is perhaps the next-best thing. The devices not only let their users stand, but they also move their legs for them, allowing them to walk. While groups such as Berkeley Bionics, NASA, Rex Bionics, and ReWalk are all working on systems, Nashville's Vanderbilt University has just announced the development of its own exoskeleton. It is claimed to offer some important advantages over its competitors."
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Vanderbilt University Steps Into the Exoskeleton Market

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  • by Andy Prough ( 2730467 ) on Friday November 02, 2012 @03:33AM (#41850727)
    It enhances leg muscle strength by stimulating the muscles into contracting and relaxing while the paralyzed person uses it to walk. As the legs get stronger, the exoskeleton does less of the work. I'll bet that 10 years from now, almost all paralyzed people in developed countries will be using these types of devices to get around.

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