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Plastic Logic Shows Off a Color ePaper Screen 50

Nate the greatest writes "I'm sure you've heard about the color E-ink screen which was rumored to be used on the next Kindle. As of today, E-ink no longer has that market niche to themselves. Plastic Logic held a press conference in Russia this morning where they unveiled a new color screen that uses their plastic-based screen tech. The resolution is low (75ppi), but if the video is any sign, then this might be a better screen than the 9.7" Triton color E-ink screen used on the Jetbook Color. And that's not all Plastic Logic showed off this morning; they also developed a frontlight for their screen, and they can play video at 12 frames per second. But best of all, they cut one of their screens in half just to show that it could still work."
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Plastic Logic Shows Off a Color ePaper Screen

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  • Parenting (Score:5, Funny)

    by Dan East ( 318230 ) on Monday May 14, 2012 @05:58PM (#39999877) Journal

    Ahhh, this will make parenting a little easier.
    Kid 1: "It's my turn!!"
    Kid 2: "I need to check my FB!"
    Kid 1: "You used the tablet all day yesterday!"
    Kid 2: "DID NOT!"
    Me: "Here, give me that blasted thing."
    Whips out tin snips.
    "Half for you, and half for you."

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