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Electronics Prototyping Plate Kit Board For Raspberry Pi Coming Soon 74

An anonymous reader writes "Outside of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, it seems work is being done to support the tiny PC with add-ons. One of the companies set to launch such a product is Adafruit, which has just announced an electronics plate kit for the device. The kit is currently in the prototype stages, but once released Adafruit is hoping to encourage people to use the board to prototype electronic circuits and create some embedded computer projects. It's certainly an idea that will excite those coming to the Raspberry Pi who have experience with Arduino."
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Electronics Prototyping Plate Kit Board For Raspberry Pi Coming Soon

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  • by JoeMerchant ( 803320 ) on Sunday April 29, 2012 @10:22AM (#39837391)

    O.K. - this is a selfish request for info I'm too lazy to look up for myself...

    What's the ETA and source for direct connect digital camera support? I know there's USB support through the standard Linux stack, but there's that tantalizing little camera port on the Pi that gets mentioned every so often.

    Will it support multiple cameras?

    Will it support higher bandwidth than USB?

    Will it have any decent general purpose driver support?

    Is it just a phantom port like the one on the Beagle/Panda boards where there's not actually any camera on the market that connects to it?

    My future four-eyed autonomous rover wants to know!

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