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Video Slashdot Visits Metrix Create:Space in Seattle (Video) 27

Metrix Create:Space is full of people busily making electronic gadgets. And shot glasses. And everything in between. Some of them saw the street-level sign and stopped in out of curiosity, while others are long-time createspace scenesters. It doesn't matter which you are, says Metrix founder Matt Westervelt. Come in and make something. Need new skills? They have workshops. And lots of great tools.
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Slashdot Visits Metrix Create:Space in Seattle (Video)

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  • hackerspaces.org (Score:5, Informative)

    by EricBoyd ( 532608 ) <mrericboyd@ya[ ].com ['hoo' in gap]> on Tuesday February 21, 2012 @02:44PM (#39114175) Homepage
    Metrix Createspace is just one example of a hackerspace. There are lots more all across the world. To see if there is one in your area, check the hackerspaces.org list [hackerspaces.org]. I've been a member at both noisebridge (in San Francisco) and hacklab.to (in Toronto), and it's been a wonderful experience.
    • Thanks for linking this Eric. Frankly, I had assumed that there were no such areas around me. The kind of people you meet in midwest sort of breeds the automatic assumption that there are no places like this I was surprised to find 3 around St. Louis.
    • by gangien ( 151940 )

      I'm a software engineer with 0 background in anything electrical. I've always want to tinker with stuff, and I had no clue places like this existed. I looked online for tutorials and such and never came across these things.

  • Eh, it's okay. (Score:4, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday February 21, 2012 @03:07PM (#39114435)

    Metrix is okay. I've been by a few times but it doesn't really meet any of my needs. It's a great place for people to go work on projects who don't have any means to work on them at home, but if you have a workbench or workshop in a room or basement at home you'll probably never feel a need to go unless you want something laser cut or printed. I'd go for the social aspect of working on a project surrounded by other hackers, but a lot of my projects involve soldering and that's only allowed in the cloistered-off soldering room, or require equipment that Metrix just doesn't have and so I don't feel like carting my stuff down there to work.

    I'd go more, and pay a $10-20 fee each visit, to get access to some more hardware though. I really would like to be able to use an LCR analyzer (that can actually apply decent DC bias), variety of stable test oscillators for generating AF and AM RF, a sweep generator/marker that runs at 455KHz, 4.3 and 10.7MHz, and a VHF FM signal generator, and a nice scope like a Tek with a DM44 or something else that does automatic measurements. Stuff I can't afford, do actually need for my projects, and have to do a lot of wonky workarounds to make do without.

    I'd go slightly more if they let me solder in the main room where everyone is.

  • I'm very proud of my local hackerspace, 757 Labs. They always have classes and projects going on, and they've done some pretty cool things.

    757 Labs on Hackerspace [hackerspaces.org]
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday February 21, 2012 @03:56PM (#39115063)

    I was 22, poor and had no job but my local hackerpace let me come in and practice welding and machining. I'm a frequent visitor now and I'm so thankful for the hackerspaces around me. In my opinion hackerspaces are needed for individuals to pursue ideas without having to spend thousands of dollars to gain access to basic fabrication equipment.

  • These places and the publicity they send out (the one in the article is a prime example) usually have far too much emphasis on making tacky trinkets and other useless shit, no mention of projects that a wider selection of people would actually consider interesting. Where are the workshops on (for example) rooting your phone or PC firmware, building a rocket or UAV, a home made wifi receiver etc. I'm not saying they have to go out fo the way to choose things guaranteed to get them sued or arrested.

    There i
    • Projects similar to what you describe do happen at spaces like this, and in fact *AT* this very space.

      One of the regulars at Metrix is currently working with some friends to build a UAV quad copter.

      The widely reported FireSheep project was written and demoed at Metrix.

      Recently a class was taught at Metrix on how to pick locks.

      A team of geeks working at different space in Seattle launched a balloon to the edge of space.

      Your ignorance and apathy is showing. What about trying showing up, looking at what peopl

  • I went to Metrix just last weekend for the first time. They were the only place I could find in the Seattle area to use a 3D printer. The staff knowledgeable and interested in wanting to make my project work and making sure I knew what it'd cost ahead of time. They frequented my printer job often as it was printing. They also have a ton of interesting projects around to check out and use for examples as they tend to share a similarity for what you want to create. The only downside is parking/bus routes.

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