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Intel Hardware

Intel Offers Protection Plan For Overclockers 101

MojoKid writes "Intel today unveiled a pilot program that provides warranty protection to overclockers in the event they get a little bit overzealous with pushing the pedal to the metal. For a fee, Intel will provide a one-time replacement of certain processors that are damaged by overclocking and/or over-volting. It's completely optional and in addition to the original three-year standard warranty that already applies to Intel's retail boxed processors. Intel isn't yet ready to flat-out endorse overclocking but the Santa Clara chip maker is perfectly content to provide a 'limited remedy if issues arise as a result of an enthusiast's decision to enable overclocking,' for a modest fee, of course. The deal applies only to certain Extreme Edition and K-series (unlocked) processors currently, in Intel's Core i7 and Core i5 families."
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Intel Offers Protection Plan For Overclockers

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  • by Formalin ( 1945560 ) on Thursday January 19, 2012 @12:50AM (#38745346)

    I agree with the sentiment, but the answer is mostly just because.

    Why drive 80 in a 60? Why have double the bacon on that cheeseburger? Why is there a market for breast implants and 'male enhancement' pills? Why do billionares want more cash? Why do douchebags have trucks jacked up higher than the roof of my car?

    Just because. MORE!

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