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Gigabyte Board Sets Intel X79 Overclocking Record 113

MojoKid writes "Renowned overclocker 'Hicookie' achieved a new high clock speed on the Intel Core i7 3930K processor by cranking the chip past 5.6GHz using a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 motherboard, the first mobo in the world to achieve a mulitplier of 57x. There was a bit of a scandal with Gigabyte recently when a YouTube video showed one of its X79 boards going up in smoke. Gigabyte released a BIOS update for several of its X79 boards to prevent such incidents from happening, and there were outcries that the new F7 BIOS would ... [reduce] overclocking performance; Hicookie's achievement should erase those concerns."
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Gigabyte Board Sets Intel X79 Overclocking Record

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  • Re:Stoopid. (Score:4, Informative)

    by Bengie ( 1121981 ) on Monday January 02, 2012 @10:58PM (#38569196)

    If you do a gentle OC without touching the voltage, you can't damage the chip. Two things damage a CPU: Heat and Voltage. Even if it locks up, it's not going to hurt anything. I squeezed a +10% OC and an 8% under-voltage on my GPU. 10% faster at full load and runs cooler than stock settings.

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