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Polaroid: This Time It's Digital 176

MrSeb writes "Long before Facebook and Twitpic, photos were shared by simply handing someone a print. No camera made this easier than the once-ubiquitous Polaroid. Nothing represented instant gratification better in the film era than having a print develop before your eyes, ready to hand out in a minute. Unfortunately for Polaroid, the advent of digital photography sounded the death knell for its iconic instant print cameras. A brief reprieve in the form of inexpensive sticker-printing versions was ended by the cellphone camera revolution. Now, after a decade in remission, Polaroid has returned with a full-up digital camera that incorporates instant printing technology. The Polaroid Z340 is a 14MP digital with an integrated Zink-enabled (Zero Ink) printer. In a nostalgic touch, the new camera prints 3×4-inch images, the same size as the original Polaroid film cameras. Remarkably, all this fits in a one-pound, seven-ounce package, about the same weight as a mid-range DSLR."
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Polaroid: This Time It's Digital

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  • by 93 Escort Wagon ( 326346 ) on Tuesday November 08, 2011 @08:36PM (#37993410)

    I have a soft spot for Polaroid cameras, having grown up back when they were all the rage (just after the dinosaurs died). The Land Camera was a lot of fun, back in the day. But, really, the only thing unique about this new camera is the printing, and no one wants to do that anymore.

    The whole point of printing, way back then, was simply because it was the only way to share your images. That's no longer an issue. Even my mom's phone can send and receive photos. A print can only be shared with one person, while a digital image can be shared with an arbitrary number of people. There's just no advantage to being able to instantly print in this form factor.

  • by badboy_tw2002 ( 524611 ) on Tuesday November 08, 2011 @09:14PM (#37993724)

    Its what you DON'T bring to the party that matters - that is, a wireless printer. Instant printing has a niche at some types of events, so I can see this filling that. Sure, you can bring a printer with you. You could also bring a laptop with you. That isn't the point of this.

  • Ad (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Jiro ( 131519 ) on Tuesday November 08, 2011 @11:42PM (#37995192)

    A statement of the form "nothing makes it easier than (brand)" is ad copy. It's a statement which means "we can't say it's better than the others, so we're going to make a statement which implies it's better than the others while it may only mean that all brands are basically the same" (after all, if they're the same, then nothing else is better).

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