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Can Open Hardware Transform the Data Center? 41

1sockchuck writes "Is the data center industry on the verge of a revolution in which open source hardware designs transform the process of designing and building these facilities? This week the Open Compute Project gained momentum and structure, forming a foundation as it touted participation from IT heavyweights Intel, Dell, Amazon, Facebook, Red Hat and Rackspace. That turnout is not an isolated event, but reflects a growing focus on collaborative projects to reduce cost, timelines and inefficiency in data center construction and operation. The Open Compute project is just one of a handful of initiatives to bring standards and repeatable designs to IT infrastructure."
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Can Open Hardware Transform the Data Center?

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  • Poor Technology (Score:2, Interesting)

    by scharman ( 308566 ) on Sunday October 30, 2011 @06:06AM (#37885092)

    How about we actually stop the insanity that promulgates the need for the insanely sized data centers? Use smart caching, java applets and just send business logic via the connection instead of the bloated insanity of html. Instead of shoe-horning an intentionally stateless 'square peg' protocol into the 'round hole' actually go with something rational. Then your data servers only need to deal with business logic and you farm out more of your processing requirements to clients. (aka the rational approach). I despair when I see what applets (irrespective of the language - just the general concept) could have provided us and where we are now in 2012.
    (P.S. I can spell, honest! It's just UK engrish)

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