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HP Officially Out of TouchPads 127

First time accepted submitter AtomicAdam writes "I guess all that waiting and hoping was in vain. HP just sent out an email officially claiming to be out of TouchPads. 'Dear Valued Customer: Making sure customers have a positive experience when they purchase our products is a priority for us. In some cases, limited inventory makes it challenging to fulfill all customer orders. As you signed up for updates on the HP TouchPad, we wanted you to know that we are officially out of stock. Some retailers will have some stock available, but our online inventory is depleted.'"
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HP Officially Out of TouchPads

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  • by vitriolum ( 1280610 ) on Friday October 28, 2011 @11:07PM (#37876454)

    I had managed to get two orders for a 16gb model in on the Small/Medium Business site. One was before they said they were out of stock. The second one I placed after they had declared that stock was depleted. There was a link going around that let you add it to your cart even though the product page said "out of stock."

    They sent an email not long after stating that my order would be cancelled due to being placed after they ran out. Then, a few weeks ago I got two emails saying my order would be shipped within two weeks, specifying two different order numbers.

    Sure enough, this past week I got two 16gb Touchpads via Fedex. So, it wasn't just the employees that wiped out the supply, but all the past-posted orders as well.

  • by dcherryholmes ( 1322535 ) on Friday October 28, 2011 @11:22PM (#37876510)

    I tried like hell to get in on the firesale. It didn't bother me that I didn't manage to get one, but the several rounds of "you're in, we've charged your card, your ship date is X... oops, psyche, no TP for you" pissed me right the hell off. Nonetheless, as a palm pre owner and a bit of a fanboy, I really wanted one. I finally caved and grabbed one off craigslist, unopened, for $200. For the hardware and compared to what else you can get out there, $200 is still a steal.

    So now I have one, and of course I've got it dual-booting with CM7, but you know what? I still leave it in webOS most of the time. Aside from the glaring lack of an sftp client app for webOS, it does everything I want it to do. And it's slicker, more elegant, just hands-down nicer to use than either iOS or android (Ice Cream might make me re-evaluate, but as things stand). WebOS was the BeOS of our time, and I just hope it will live for at least a few more cycles on the hardware. Two hundred bucks *easily* well spent.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday October 29, 2011 @12:31PM (#37879624)

    I have to say, after using WebOS for 2 months or so before finally being able to dual boot CM7, and as someone who owns an SGS2, WebOS is MUCH more user-friendly than Android. I still use WebOS on my Touchpad unless there's something it can't do (for instance, I haven't been able to get into outlook based mail accounts with it.)

    I'm hoping ICS will fix that issue, but still, I think if more people would have invested in WebOS it would have been a serious contender.

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