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Flooding Takes Major Hard Drive Plant Offline; Shortages Predicted 203

snydeq writes "Flooding near Bangkok has taken about 25 percent of the world's hard disk manufacturing capacity offline, InfoWorld reports. 'Disk manufacturing sites in Thailand — notably including the largest Western Digital plant — were shut down due to floods around Bangkok last week and are expected to remain shut for at least several more days. The end to flooding is not in sight, and Western Digital now says it could take five to eight months to bring its plants back online.' Toshiba's Thailand plants have also been affected, as have key disk component suppliers, including Nidec and Hutchinson Technologies."
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Flooding Takes Major Hard Drive Plant Offline; Shortages Predicted

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  • by elrous0 ( 869638 ) * on Tuesday October 18, 2011 @01:36PM (#37752868)

    But global warming tends to produce more floods *and* more droughts

    I love that reasoning. It essentially makes global warming impossible to disprove or challenge. There is no evidence that can be used to argue against it. Have a drought? That's global warming. Have a flood? That's global warming. Have a heat wave? Global warming. Have a blizzard? Global warming. Have normal weather? Well, global warming only effects things in the LONG TERM, see...

    There is no trend or pattern sufficient to disprove, or even challenge it. That sounds more like a religion than science to me. You know, a real scientific theory is supposed to be something you could actually *disprove* with the right evidence (like Evolution, not like Creationism).

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