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Dell, EMC Divorce After 10-Year Reseller Relations 51

Lucas123 writes "An extremely profitable relationship between Dell and EMC has come to an end after 10 years. Over the past five years, as Dell has continued to sell more of its own storage products — going further and further upstream in the market — while EMC has continued to sell more products aimed at lower-end customers. As a result, competition between the two vendors has grown. But, the partnership resulted in big revenue for both companies, with Dell reporting as much as 50% of its storage revenue from EMC rebranded products in some years. 'If anything, Dell is making much more money on the bottom line now. So as far as divorces go, this was a pretty easy one,' said industry analyst Steve Duplessie."
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Dell, EMC Divorce After 10-Year Reseller Relations

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    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday October 18, 2011 @07:52AM (#37748438)

    I don't think the "divorce" has anything at all to do with Equallogic, as Equallogic is not really an EMC competitor. The divorce has much more to do with Dell's acquisition of Compellent and also Exanet and Ocarina. These three acquisitions put Dell in a position to make a very big splash in the enterprise storage market. A Compellent SAN with Ocarina compression and dedupe and an Exanet NAS head will be a mighty, mighty storage device.

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