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CyanogenMod Ports Android To HP TouchPad 86

yesakmac joins the teeming hordes of successful Slashdot submitters, with this excerpt from PC World that says the frenzied effort to port Android to HP's discontinued TouchPad has actually succeeded: "CyanogenMod also released a 'lower your expectations edition' release guide to let you know exactly what is working (or not) under the hood. Modders will be happy to know that basically all the TouchPad's guts are recognized. It supports dual-booting and fake SD cards in case you need to restore the TouchPad. What does not work, though, is the camera, which can only be used for video chat. Power efficiency is still an issue, too. As for the final build, CyanogenMod says they won't be giving a hard date, and that it will be ready when it is ready."
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CyanogenMod Ports Android To HP TouchPad

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  • by bl4nk ( 607569 ) on Thursday October 13, 2011 @05:45PM (#37706830)
    Best of all they don't take donations, like some questionable-at-best teams that quickly assembled to port Android in the wake of the fire-sale frenzy. They urge donating to the EFF instead. CyanogenMod are a classy team.

    Also, it should be noted that this build would qualify as being in the earliest of alpha stages.
  • by xeno ( 2667 ) on Thursday October 13, 2011 @05:59PM (#37706936)

    Dammit. That's the wrong way!!! I have an HP Touchpad, and the hardware is mediocre, but WebOS is a work of art. Otoh, I also have multiple android 2.2 & honeycomb devices, and by and large they're fast and flexible, but the OS and app markets are buggy and malware-infested. Why port the middling-common-denominator OS to HP's crummy hardware? "Upgrading" the HP tablets by loading Android is like upgrading a Ford Fiesta with an Isuzu diesel. Sure it'll keep you on the road, but it ain't pretty and it ain't gonna be fun.

    What's *really* worth someone's time and effort is a port of WebOS to better hardware. Ginmme an illicit port of WebOS to some of the nicer Samsung 5-10in tablets, the Lenovo K tablet, etc etc (anything with more ports and a faster proc) and I'd be all over it.

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