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Red Hat Acquiring Cloud Storage Company Gluster 34

Julie188 writes "One of the more interesting aspects of Red Hat's acquisition of virtual storage vendor Gluster on Tuesday is how it drags Red Hat into bed with its cloud competitor OpenStack. Red Hat made waves over the summer in the open source community when one of its executives threw punches at OpenStack's community, saying the community amounted to not much more than a bunch of press releases. In July, Gluster contributed its Connector for OpenStack. It enables features such as live migration of VMs, instant boot of VMs, and movement of VMs between clouds on a GlusterFS environment. While Fedora has already said that its upcoming Fedora 16 would support OpenStack, Fedora is a community distro and not beholden to Red Hat. However, Red Hat today promised that it would continue to support and maintain Gluster's contribution to OpenStack. It didn't, however, to promise to quit the smack talk."
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Red Hat Acquiring Cloud Storage Company Gluster

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  • Less insane support? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 05, 2011 @12:26AM (#37608334)

    Maybe it will become part of the RHEL distro now, instead of the insane support contracts they had, at $800/node per year for 5 email support calls. For a FS that works better on more nodes... we quickly went running when they told us the costs. That kind of support doesn't work well on a cluster.

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