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Pavegen To Tap Pedestrians For Power In the UK 197

An anonymous reader writes "Several years ago Laurence Kembell-Cook unveiled Pavegen floor tiles, which capture kinetic energy from footsteps and convert it to electricity. Now after two years of product testing and picking up a slew of awards across the U.K., Pavegen has received its first commercial order — to light up the new Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre."
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Pavegen To Tap Pedestrians For Power In the UK

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  • by Zouden ( 232738 ) on Friday September 30, 2011 @01:31AM (#37563790)

    I was curious how much energy these things produce:

    The Pavegen floor tiles flex a slight 5 millimeters when stepped on, capturing kinetic energy which is either stored in lithium polymer batteries beneath its surface or converted into 2.1 watts of electricity and distributed throughout surrounding lights.

    It produces 2.1 watts for how long? 1 second? 100ms? I guess it could make some LEDs flash.

    Kembell-Cook is now in the running to win the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of 2011 Award which would give him 10,000 lbs to use towards his invention.

    Wow. Will his prize be in the form of a giant cartoon-style weight with "10,000 lbs" written on it? Perhaps they'll drop it on his house.

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