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Man-In-the-Middle Remote Attack On Diebold Voting Machines 251

An anonymous reader tips news of a vulnerability discovered in the Diebold Accuvote voting system, which could be used to alter voting results without leaving evidence of tampering. Quoting Salon: "[T]he Argonne team's attack required no modification, reprogramming, or even knowledge, of the voting machine's proprietary source code. ... The team's video demonstrates how inserting the inexpensive electronic device into the voting machine can offer a "bad guy" virtually complete control over the machine. A cheap remote control unit can enable access to the voting machine from up to half a mile away. ... The video shows three different types of attack, each demonstrating how the intrusion developed by the team allows them to take complete control of the Diebold touch-screen voting machine. They were able to demonstrate a similar attack on a DRE system made by Sequoia Voting Systems as well."

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Man-In-the-Middle Remote Attack On Diebold Voting Machines

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  • Vote tracking (Score:2, Interesting)

    by AK Marc ( 707885 ) on Wednesday September 28, 2011 @05:34AM (#37537456)
    Even with all the massive problems, people still are pushing for electronic voting. The simplest and only sure way to fix the problems is to move back to open vote, which worked great in the past and would ensure that nobody could ever tamper with a voting machine again. Yes, I'm aware of the supposed problems that so many people bring up regarding vote tampering, but absentee voting is available everywhere now with all the same weaknesses and no problems with vote tampering.

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