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Synaptics Working On Advanced Touchscreen For Phones 62

angry tapir writes "Touch specialist Synaptics is working on technologies that will allow touchscreens to mimic the feel of a physical keypad, in order to make smartphones easier to use, according to company technology strategist Andrew Hsu. The goal is to build a touchscreen with the tactile feedback of a keypad. Users should be able run their fingers over virtual keys and get the same sensation as a mechanical keypad gives, allowing them to feel where the buttons are, and then activate them by pushing down a little bit harder, according to Hsu."
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Synaptics Working On Advanced Touchscreen For Phones

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 14, 2011 @06:41PM (#37404520)

    ... improve their shitty trackpads first.

  • by Nichotin ( 794369 ) on Wednesday September 14, 2011 @06:52PM (#37404582)
    Their "Mac-ish" trackpads are really horrible. They sort of look like those on Apple laptops, but do not work even half as good. One big problem is that the mouse pointer will move unevenly if you have two fingers on it (if you prefer to click with your thumb for instance). Try having your index finger and your thumb on it, and then move the thumb, and you will see the pointer moving. Later drivers have made the issue less bad, but the pointer will still hove horizontally. Try that with a Mac pad and the pointer will keep still if you move the thumb, which is how it should be to avoid uneven movement.

    And also, why the hell do they still insist on having left and right button on the left and right side of the trackpad? It is horrible and erases the border between the two, unless the laptop manufacturer has made a dent in the surface or something. I must say I prefer the Apple solution to this - clicking with two fingers equals right click.

    HP was one of those who were early adopters of these trackpads, which ended up with Gizmodo giving them the nickname "HP FrustraPad".
  • by Superken7 ( 893292 ) on Wednesday September 14, 2011 @07:11PM (#37404714) Journal

    Agreed. I use a MBP now, but my Thinkpad before it had a clit mouse and it was AWESOME. People don't like them because they have a steep learning curve.
    They are also more limited as far as gestures go, but for scrolling and basic stuff its sufficient. Not having to move your palms when switching from typing to mouse is just EPIC WIN.
    Most folks don't realize thats a big deal because they haven't thoroughly tried both versions. I have, and I can assure you I really miss it. Better ergonomics FTW.

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