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AMD Starts Shipping First Bulldozer CPU 202

MrSeb writes "After an awfully long wait, AMD has finally begun shipment of its Bulldozer-based Interlagos (Opteron 6200) server-oriented CPU. If you believe AMD's PR bots, it is the world's first 16-core x86 processor. Unfortunately, and possibly because of reports that AMD is struggling to clock its Bulldozer cores to speeds that are competitive with Intel's Core i7, there's no word of the 8-core desktop-targeted Zambezi CPU. If AMD doesn't move quickly, Intel's Sandy Bridge-E will beat Zambezi to market and AMD will lose any edge that it might have."
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AMD Starts Shipping First Bulldozer CPU

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  • by Sloppy ( 14984 ) on Wednesday September 07, 2011 @11:13AM (#37327402) Homepage Journal

    Is the 6200 16 physical cores or just 8 dualthreaded ones?

    Part of what makes Bulldozer interesting, is that there is no quick straight-forward soundbite answer to that question. It's 16 less-than-complete cores, or 8 more-than-merely-dual-threaded cores.

    I look forward to the day when some profiler nerd figures out that most cost-effective ratio is to make a chip with 3 memory busses, 17 integer units and 11 floating point units, with 23 sets of registers. /proc/cpuinfo will say it's a 23-core machine so that'll be the soundbite answer, and then some math twit will whine that it's really only an 11 core machine. And everyone will be both wrong and right simultaneously.

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