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DIY Dropbox Alternatives 188

jfruhlinger writes "Dropbox was a service that many techies fell in love with, only to be disappointed when they found out about its dodgy security and dubious copyright claims. The company's tried to make amends — but what other options are there for those who have had enough? While there's nothing quite as seamless out there, it's not difficult to build your own Dropbox alternatives from freely available software and services from other vendors."
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DIY Dropbox Alternatives

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  • by vlm ( 69642 ) on Wednesday July 27, 2011 @07:06AM (#36892924)

    If that is "building your own", I guess I can say proudly that I built my own washing machine, in that I bought a washing machine, put it in place, plumbed it in and switched it on...

    Don't laugh so hard at this... 99.9999% of modern americans who sign a contract with a corporate house builder will go around telling people "I'm building a house!". In fact pretty much anything real estate related, if an american signs a contract, they don't do the labor but socially claim for all the labor... "I put a new roof on my house (No, a team of illegal aliens put a roof on your house; you merely paid for it)"

    The weird part is my Grandfather actually did build his own house... Sears used to sell kits of everything you need, he bought one, and spent most of a summer swinging a hammer (This was in the 50s so no pneumatic nail guns, and he was a middle manager not a carpenter which is why it took "most of a summer"). The house is still standing, and looked pretty good last time I saw it.

    As the second great depression winds on, I've noticed a change in workforce. This attitude is fine if the owner does not socially mix with the workers. But, already, building contractors have changed from illegals when they put my roof on, to meth heads when they put my garage siding on. Very soon as unemployment spirals up, average middle class people might be in construction again, and its going to be socially awkward when someone starts bragging at church "how I put up a fence" and the guy in front of him turns around and says "uh, actually, that was me"

  • by dr.newton ( 648217 ) on Wednesday July 27, 2011 @08:30AM (#36893382) Homepage

    I know, right?

    He probably didn't even write the kernel his machines are running, or the compiler he used to build it (if he even compiled it himself)!

Thus spake the master programmer: "Time for you to leave." -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"