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Triple Monitor Gaming: Dual GPU GeForce Vs. Radeon 136

An anonymous reader writes "With the release of the dual-GPU AMD Radeon HD 6990, closely followed by the competing Nvidia GeForce GTX 590, we saw graphics card performance reach new heights. With bandwidth throughput in excess of 300GB/s, these cards can consume more power than entire computer systems. By utilizing three monitors, games can become roughly 3x more demanding, as the graphics card is required to render an overwhelmingly higher number of pixels. Whereas graphics card reviews and benchmarks usually test GPUs at single monitor resolutions, TechSpot has added two more LCD monitors and tested eleven games running at resolutions of 5040x1050, 5760x1200 and 7680x1600."
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Triple Monitor Gaming: Dual GPU GeForce Vs. Radeon

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  • Re:Future? (Score:4, Insightful)

    by omglolbah ( 731566 ) on Wednesday May 04, 2011 @05:47AM (#36021892)

    While a projector might work better for gaming (I disagree personally) it doesnt work nearly as well when you're doing other stuff.

    Coding in particular is something I spend quite a lot of time doing, and it is nice to be able to keep reference docs and 4-5 pages of code on the screen at the same time. No more alt-tabbing your brain out to get to the right window either.

  • by LurkerXXX ( 667952 ) on Wednesday May 04, 2011 @08:47AM (#36022946)

    You are missing the point. No, you can't see well reading text on the bottom of the screen while focusing at the top. Neither is your color discrimination going to be as good for that text at the bottom of the screen. That's because the eye doesn't have many cones except in the central area. The periphery is mainly rods. And while rods aren't great for color, etc, they are spectacular at motion detection. So no, you can't read that text way over to the side while focusing your attention on something directly in front of you, but you can see movement over on the side. Which may alert you that someone is moving over there, or there is an incoming missile over there, or any number of things which may be important information to have.

  • by Coren22 ( 1625475 ) on Wednesday May 04, 2011 @12:07PM (#36025106) Journal

    Someone buying a Macbook is either declaring their excess of cash, or declaring their homosexuality, or can't think for themselves...

The best defense against logic is ignorance.