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Notion Ink's Adam Android Tablet Said To Ship This Week 78

junaidslife86 writes with news that the Notion Ink Android tablet has gotten the regulatory go-ahead from US authorities, and should soon be shipping. From the article: "That's right, after several delays the tiny startup will finally condense its occassionally vapory molecules into a solid slab of shipping tablet starting 'around Wednesday' after the hardware receives its FCC tattoo. A tablet good enough to earn a Best of CES 2011 honorable mention at an event absolutely flooded with tablets from a who's who of consumer electronics companies. While our first impressions of the production unit were positive, we're holding off on making a final judgement until we've had the chance to perform a full review." The Notion Ink feature that grabs the most attention seems to be the optional Pixel Qi screen; Brad Linder of Liliputing has a hands-on video with the device from CES which (despite the bad lighting conditions) shows that screen in action.
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Notion Ink's Adam Android Tablet Said To Ship This Week

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  • by fuzzyfuzzyfungus ( 1223518 ) on Saturday January 15, 2011 @04:03PM (#34891470) Journal
    FCC: Pretty much all high-frequency digital logic has a nontrivial chance of interfering with licenced blocks of spectrum, unless correctly designed and/or shielded.

    Devices with wifi, bluetooth, and/or one of the various flavors of cellular are, of course, explicitly designed to emit RF, and also present potential interference issues.

    Level of enforcement varies; but you'll find that virtually all jurisdictions have some sort of RF-spectrum allocation, and some sort of procedure for keeping interference with reserved bands to a minimum.

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