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Pickens Wind-Power Plan Comes To a Whimpering End 346

Spy Handler writes "In 2008, billionaire T. Boone Pickens unveiled his 'Pickens Plan' on national TV, which calls for America to end its dependence on foreign oil by increasing use of wind power and natural gas. Over the next two years, he spent $80 million on TV commercials and $2 billion on General Electric wind turbines. Unfortunately market forces were not favorable to Mr. Pickens, and in December 2010 he announced that he is getting out of the wind power business. What does he plan to do with his $2 billion worth of idle wind turbines? He is trying to sell them to Canada, because of Canadian law that mandates consumers to buy more renewable electricity regardless of cost."
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Pickens Wind-Power Plan Comes To a Whimpering End

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  • by dogsbreath ( 730413 ) on Saturday December 25, 2010 @03:33PM (#34666560)

    Finally, electricity comes to Canada. We shall use it to light our National Igloo on windy days.

    We will plant them all along the Only Road in Canada. Life has been hard up here since the Cola Wars so we are not so proud as to refuse second hand generators from a down and out Yankee billionaire.

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