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Intel Displays

Goodbye, VGA 356

jones_supa writes "Leading PC companies have expressed their will to finally start kicking out legacy display interfaces. Intel plans to end support of LVDS in 2013 and VGA in 2015 in its PC client processors and chipsets. While the large installed base of existing VGA monitors and projectors will likely keep VGA on PC back panels beyond 2015, PC and display panel makers are in strong support of this transition. The DisplayPort connector interface provides backwards and forwards compatibility by supporting VGA and DVI output via certified adapters, while also providing new capabilities such as single connector multi-monitor support."
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Goodbye, VGA

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  • Damn... (Score:4, Funny)

    by splerdu ( 187709 ) on Thursday December 09, 2010 @09:55AM (#34499820)

    I thought we would finally be rid of Spike's Video Game Awards.

  • by Waffle Iron ( 339739 ) on Thursday December 09, 2010 @11:45AM (#34501240)

    Even with the proper USB HID driver, USB is still limited to 6 keypresses at once, while PS/2 will handle as many keys as you can press.

    Judging from the issues you're having, I'm guessing that you must be a house cat.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday December 09, 2010 @01:57PM (#34503698)

    BTW, the Apple version of this laptop is priced $900 more - around $1800.

    Grab a clue, Apple doesn't make "a version" of this laptop, anymore than BMW makes a version of the Kia Forte. What you mean is Apple's 15" high end laptop costs $900 more, but you liked the price/performance/feature set of your Dell better. Congrats, you aren't special. You're the guy who brags that his 20 year old Ford Taurus is just as good as his neighbors new Lexus. Your entitled to your opinion, the free market is there so those with other opinions can be happy too.

    The Apple guys always compare Apple's prices with the worse pricing on other online sales.

    The Apple guys usually compare "equivalent" laptops, which are usually price competitive at the time of release, but tend to drift away as the model ages and components price drops, because Apple has chosen to present its customers a simplified model & pricing lineup versus the dozens of models Dell offers. You prefer the Dell model, great. What makes you a git is you seem to feel it makes you superior somehow, that your opinion of the relative value is better than others.

    Last year, I built a new desktop (new MB + CPU + RAM). Spent $40 on a new nVidia 220 1GB graphics card. No DisplayPort on it.

    Yay, I know preteens with similar tech skills! I'm so proud, you've totally earned you Slashdot smugness! Congrats!

    And I'm surprised your bargain basement PC rebuild lacks the latest technology, geeks like you are clearly driving the market. Those n00bs at Intel should totally have checked with you before developing their technology plans, then we'd still have great low cost tech like cassette software loading and RF out to hook our PC's to our living room console TV's

    Basically, displayport may be a great idea, but until everything thing I own/use has it, I won't be changing.

    So, until your old technology spontaneously sprouts new technology, you won't be embracing it. Welcome to the trailing edge!

    BTW, I don't have a Blue-Ray player either and don't plan to ever get one until the DRM is removed or trivial to crack.

    Really, I'm surprised you've advanced past VHS recordings off the air, Mr Cutting Edge geek.

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