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Hardware Hacking Sony Build

PS3 Jailbreaks Galore Released 167

YokimaSun writes "Following up on yesterday's story about the PS3 being hacked by one of its own official controllers, there's now a guide in English that details how to mod a Sixaxxis controller. But thanks to the very latest releases, if you don't like soldering you can now use an iPod, a Pandora console or even a Dingoo console. Finally, Jaicrab has released a USB firmware loader which will come in handy once the first custom firmware for the PS3 is released. Maybe then we will get region-free Blu-ray, PS1 and PS2 games."
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PS3 Jailbreaks Galore Released

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  • by Andorin ( 1624303 ) on Sunday September 26, 2010 @02:47PM (#33704576)

    > Read this please
    Okay. I don't really have the inclination to read every single post and comment in that large thread, but I read the question and some of the highest-ranked answers. The top-rated answer, by Dana Holt, presents a good argument but there are problems with her post. On a pedantic level she compares copyright infringement to physical theft, which is sure to aggravate anyone in the piracy debate and should be avoided. If she has been debating it for years as she claims, she ought to know that speaking in such a way is just an inflammatory thing to do. Additionally, she says that she was able to produce raw data that connected a keygen with low sales, but I do not see any citations for her claims, or any of the actual data. Plus, how does she know that none of the keys she revoked were legitimate, or used by legitimate customers?

    I'm just not sure what you wanted me to come away with from linking me to that. It just demonstrates that there is a wide variety of opinions in the piracy debate, and that none of them can be convincingly substantiated with evidence because of the nature of the problem.

  • by Andorin ( 1624303 ) on Sunday September 26, 2010 @03:10PM (#33704732)

    > Why do you expect people to provide their work to you for free?

    This is a bad question.

    First of all, you can't make assumptions about my motives. Nowhere in any of my posts have I said that I pirate software. Don't make personal attacks in order to legitimize your own position.

    Two, the wording of your question is biased towards copyright holders. I see questions like yours quite a bit, and I just now realized how slanted they are. Your question assumes that a copyright holder has to somehow go out of their way to provide their work for free, as you said, but in most cases of piracy the copyright holder has to do nothing at all except release the original work, which is what happens anyway. The phrasing of your question adds undeserved emotional weight to your position by implying that those evil pirates are forcing the poor artist to proactively do something which benefits only them and screws the artist. It's dishonest.

    A better question would have been "Why do you expect to have access to the work of others for free?" but my first point about personal attacks would still apply.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 26, 2010 @07:51PM (#33706592)

    You can thank idiots like Geohot for that.

    It's like this : You've saved your allowance for a few months, so you could buy a racing game that you've really wanted. You get home with it, but in that time, your Mom has read that a video game was used as the reason a kid in Norway wrecked his Dad's car, so she takes the game away from you. It kinda makes sense, at some really absurd level, but not really. Your finger-pointing at (uber-cool) GeoHot makes about as much sense.
    SONY marketed the machine to us as being able to run Linux, they sold it as a feature, and they encouraged anyone and everyone to develop that feature. If they have issues with the direction that the open market was going with it, then they are obliged to either supply the other OS, or leave the capacity to enable booting the other OS as a customer-determined security risk. Their removal of the OtherOS feature is theft.
    SONY is the enemy, and shills like you are the true idiots. SONY doesn't deserve to be in an open market.

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