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Honda's Exoskeletons Help You Walk Like Asimo 135

kkleiner writes "Honda has created two walking exoskeletons based on Asimo research that assist humans in walking. The Bodyweight Support Assist exoskeleton is a set of thin legs attached to a seat. Users sit on the seat and slip their feet into shoes on the robotic legs. This system supports bodyweight to assist people in walking and moving up and down steps. The other, Stride Management Assist, is a brace worn around the hips and thighs that provides added strength when flexing that joint. It's currently under development and being tested by 130 patients in the field. Both devices may prove to be valuable tools in helping the elderly maintain their mobility, assisting the disabled, and easing the stress on physical laborers."
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Honda's Exoskeletons Help You Walk Like Asimo

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 17, 2010 @05:41AM (#33608866)

    I'm amazed at some of the comments posted so far.

    What happens when it gets a virus. Most likely a closed system that doesn't allow you that type of access. I highly doubt the system runs on windows. More likely a low power computer based system with little access to the programming. Doubt they would want you tinkering with that for safety reasons.

    Crotch issues... the device maintains constant support when using the device. You are not bouncing up and down on it. So no, there are no crotch issues any more than their would be for sitting for long periods of time.

    Doesn't look aesthetically pleasing... if you needed the device for mobility do you think you would care? Powered wheelchairs don't look that great either, but that is not going to stop someone who needs the assistance.

    Restrictions while using device... Duh...

  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 17, 2010 @05:43AM (#33608880)

    "Well, I wonder what will happen when the exoskeleton will be infected by a virus"

    Just something like this...


  • Re:Reaction time (Score:3, Insightful)

    by somersault ( 912633 ) on Friday September 17, 2010 @07:21AM (#33609238) Homepage Journal

    If something truly heavy drops on you then steel toes and a hard hat aren't going to do much.. suppose it may be better to have your toes crimped off than to have them trapped/crushed under a container though.

    I've worked with forklifts too and massive cranes moving 20 ton containers around our yard, I prefer just to not stand under the heavy things than hope a hardhat is somehow going to save me if they fall.

  • Re:Ugly (Score:3, Insightful)

    by tsj5j ( 1159013 ) on Friday September 17, 2010 @07:42AM (#33609344)
    You won't care for the looks when you're 70 and unable to walk with assistance.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 17, 2010 @10:29AM (#33610804)

    The solution is to design the exoskeleton so it physically has a limited range of motion, so that it will damage itself or run up against the range of the joint before it will injure you.

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