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New Sony OLED Display Can Roll Into Cylinder 73

Anarki2004 writes "Sony recently debuted its latest in OLED technology: a 4.1-inch screen that's only 80 microns thick. The super-flexible display can roll up into a cylinder just 4mm in diameter while still showing moving images at 432×240 resolution. Instead of brittle integrated circuit chips, the screen has an on-panel gate-driven circuit — a world first, according to Sony. That innovation would allow everything but the power supply to roll and flex in applications."
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New Sony OLED Display Can Roll Into Cylinder

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  • by fustakrakich ( 1673220 ) on Monday May 31, 2010 @12:01PM (#32407746) Journal

    is to make flexible/foldable power supplies..

  • by vlm ( 69642 ) on Monday May 31, 2010 @12:39PM (#32408146)

    The super-flexible display can roll up into a cylinder

    That'll come in mighty handy for my new "theater in the round" living room design.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theatre_in_the_round [wikipedia.org]

  • by Miseph ( 979059 ) on Monday May 31, 2010 @01:01PM (#32408340) Journal

    Hmmm... that gives me a neat idea for and IMAX film... stage a play in the round, with the audience semi-illuminated, and give the cameras to one of the actors. Obviously, it would have to be somebody in every scene. The movie audience now gets to experience what it is like to be on stage being watched by an audience. Very avant garde.

    It could be really awesome, or really boring, or both. The first would make bank, the second would win some film festival awards, and the 3rd would make it Oscar material... it can't lose!

    Oh, right, copyright Miseph 2010-eternity (end period is an estimate based on current copyright trends).

  • Applications (Score:2, Interesting)

    by alfredos ( 1694270 ) on Monday May 31, 2010 @01:04PM (#32408358)

    The ultimate cheating device for exams: One AAA battery and some memory inside the pencil, the display wrapped up and a single switch at the top as the input device.

    Book with video: Batteries in the hardcover and the screen like a first page where video references can be looked up.

    Even just a good old mobile phone display that doesn't crack under deformation is quite nice an application for this.

  • Roll-Out Phone (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Doc Ruby ( 173196 ) on Monday May 31, 2010 @07:00PM (#32412086) Homepage Journal

    I'd love to have 3x9" phone with a long edge that could pull out a scrolled up display to a full 8.5x11".

    Even cooler would be if the scroll could "telescope" out like a radio antenna before scolling, so a few 3" segments could snap out to 8.5", and scroll out to 11". That extensible scroll could contain an 8.5x11" screen in a 3x3 package. Perhaps even a 0.5" thick package, if the scroll can roll really tight.

    A real pocket sized phone with a real fullsized display on demand. Cool!

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