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PARC Builds iPod-Sized HIV Detector 93

MikeChino writes "Right now it's difficult, if not impossible, to quickly detect HIV in patients living in impoverished countries. That may all change soon, though — researchers at a California outfit called the Palo Alto Research Center have built an iPod-sized handheld device that can provide an immune check-up in under 10 minutes — all with a prick of the finger. With millions of people around the world without access to a full-size laboratory, PARC's device could revolutionize the detection and treatment of HIV."
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PARC Builds iPod-Sized HIV Detector

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  • by tpstigers ( 1075021 ) on Friday April 02, 2010 @11:09PM (#31712580)
    Holy crap. Really? Do you actually think that someone would use a device to test for HIV without switching the needles? Or, for that matter, would use ANY medical device without switching the needles? We're talking about medical professionals here, not heroin addicts.
  • by upuv ( 1201447 ) on Saturday April 03, 2010 @05:05AM (#31714194) Journal

    Health insurance is not mandatory in most places in the world. Where as car insurance is mandatory in most places in the world. So your car vs health comparison is flawed.

    Instant tests would enable the Insurance companies to charge the sick HUGE fees or even reject them all together.

    The insurance industry has and continues charge different rates based on genetic history. A classic example of discrimination is this question: "Is there a history of XYZ in your family?".

    With instant disease tests as well as genetic biasing you are handing the insurance industry a blank check.

    As for Drain on the system? Which system do you speak of? If the insurance industry were bias then less people would be sick? Because that what it sounds like you just said.

    So yes the healthy need to help pay for the sick. Quit being so selfish.

    So in point form:
    Health insurance should be mandatory. ( level of is debatable. )
    Cost or even access to health insurance can not be biased by genetic or existing condition. ( AKA the insurance company can not alter fees based on who your are or how healthy you are. )

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