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Computer Vision Tech Grabs Humans In Real-Time 3D 110

Tinkle writes "Toshiba's R&D Labs in Cambridge, UK have developed a system capable of real-time 3D modeling of the human face and body — using a simple set of three different colored lights. Simple it may be, but the results are impressive. Commercial applications for computer vision technology look set to be huge — according professor Roberto Cipolla. On the horizon: cheap and easy digitized everyday objects for ecommerce, plus gesture-based interfaces — a la Natal — and in-car safety systems. Ultimately even driver-less cars. 'This is going to be the decade of computer vision,' predicts Cipolla."
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Computer Vision Tech Grabs Humans In Real-Time 3D

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 30, 2010 @02:23PM (#31674796)

    Right now, 3D camera technology to scan a hand-made prototype into commercial CAD software revolves around a scanning laser, and special cameras, and a turn table.

    Combining this technology with other image mapping software would allow you to use 3 or 4 fixed cameras with overlapping FOVs, you would be able to simply set your source model on a table, turn on the lights, take a picture, and you are done.

    I would SOO love to have a FOSS implementation of this modeling software.

    (I sculpt, and being able to make a large physical object, scan it, then send the digital model to a rapid prototype house and get a miniature size made from the digital version would be VERY handy.)

  • Colors (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Conspiracy_Of_Doves ( 236787 ) on Tuesday March 30, 2010 @02:33PM (#31674950)

    Instead of red green and blue, could they use three different frequencies in the infrared range? Then they could also take photographs in normal visible light and wrap then around the model.

  • by HTH NE1 ( 675604 ) on Tuesday March 30, 2010 @02:42PM (#31675054)

    This is how the Martians see us.

  • by NonSenseAgency ( 1759800 ) on Tuesday March 30, 2010 @03:06PM (#31675366)
    One of the uses mentioned in the article was that this would enable gamers to upload realistic portrayals of themselves into computer games as their avatar. Unfortunately ( or perhaps fortunately for some of us), real virtual life isn't anything like Neal Stephenson's "Snowcrash" novel. Most gamers, unlike the hero Hiro Protagonist (pun intended) do not want to look like themselves at all. They are bigger, or meaner, or better looking or in the case of all too many, not even the same gender. What would seem far more likely is a market springing up in avatars made from recordings of real people. So this begs a whole new question, who owns your avatar? Intellectual Property rights just took a huge twist.

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