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Robo-Chefs and Fashion-Bots On Show In Tokyo 35

avishere writes "The International Robot Exhibition kicked off this week in Tokyo, unveiling the latest whirring and buzzing inventions from 192 companies and 64 organizations from at home and abroad — and bringing humanity another step closer to irrelevance. Among the humanoid cavalcade was a prototype robo-chef, showing off its cooking and cutting skills, along with robots to play with your children, model clothes, and search for disaster victims. There was also one made almost exclusively of cardboard. The exhibition — which opened with a human-like robot called Nextage cutting the ribbon — runs until Saturday."
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Robo-Chefs and Fashion-Bots On Show In Tokyo

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  • Re:Robotic games (Score:3, Insightful)

    by Kagetsuki ( 1620613 ) on Friday November 27, 2009 @07:42AM (#30244468)
    Two ways that could go: 1. holiday sales hit leading the company to a temporary jump in sales, then an extended period of poor sales ending in purchase of company assets and dissolution by a major toy company. 2. Immediate and total crushing failure.

    I'm really not trying to be too negative, the robot itself doesn't seem bad... but they don't really show any of that autonomous navigation they claim and what they do show is an uninteresting looking on-line game and a few remote-control games that have been done before; RC laser tag and RC obstacle course/ball carrying games. I owned a set of laser tag "tanks" as a kid and they were great if you had enough cardboard to make a little battlezone style world in your room, but they were also probably a third the size of these things.

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