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Most Security Products Fail To Perform 99

An anonymous reader writes "Nearly 80 percent of security products fail to perform as intended when first tested and generally require two or more cycles of testing before achieving certification, according to a new ICSA Labs report that details lessons gleaned from testing thousands of security products over 20 years. Across seven product categories core product functionality accounted for 78 percent of initial test failures. For example, an anti-virus product failing to prevent infection and for firewalls or an IPS product not filtering malicious traffic. Rounding out the top three is the startling finding that 44 percent of security products had inherent security problems. Security testing issues range from vulnerabilities that compromise the confidentiality or integrity of the system to random behavior that affects product availability."
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Most Security Products Fail To Perform

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday November 16, 2009 @09:59AM (#30114646)

    Verizon is just trying to proof the relevancy of their so-called 'security' tests. They do not really perform any security test at all. Please, stop posting these marketing messages. And puleaszze, stop this semi-bullshit measures such as 44%, 78% ...

  • by Eevee ( 535658 ) on Monday November 16, 2009 @11:48AM (#30116002)

    Close but no cigar. You change passwords periodically in order to limit damage. If your password is discovered by someone, then they can only exploit it until the next password change. Guess what...if you keep the same password forever, it can be exploited forever.

    Yes, there are many circumstances in which the damage from a compromised password happens immediately after the compromise. But there are times when the damage is ongoing; consider a rival company monitoring the progress of a new product via email messages accessed via a compromised password.

  • You mean after the all the claims they made? After all they said they'd keep us safe from? After how sure they made us feel in their ability? After all the charm, and the cajoling, and the expenses, and the hassle? After all they promised, now that they can't live up to even our most basic expectations, you're telling me that we're the ones at fault?

    They can't perform, but now we're the ones who have to change? We're the ones who have to clean all the laundry, and be careful around strangers, and lock up for the night? We need protecting, but they have to be looked after first? We're the ones who have to change our ways, just to make them feel they're doing a good job!?

    My mother was right!! I should never have subscribed to a service that came with a free trial!!

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