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Spanish City Sets Up Solar Cemetery 71

A Spanish city has found an unusual place to generate renewable energy — solar panels in the cemetery. Santa Coloma de Gramanet has installed 462 solar panels over its multi-story mausoleums. The plan was met with some derision at first, but thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the solar cemetery has public support. It has been such a success that there are already plans to install more panels in an effort to triple the amount of power generated. The installation cost 720,000 euros (£608,000) but will keep about 62 tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year, said Esteve Serret, a director of Conste-Live Energy, the company that runs the cemetery and also works in renewable energy. I'm sure a solar powered zombie movie is already in the works.


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Spanish City Sets Up Solar Cemetery

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday November 25, 2008 @08:32AM (#25884553)

    most panels last about 30 years at least. then they start to work less and less effectively. but the raw materials can be recycled to save energy.

    also new solar panels based on LCD technology can recoup the energy used to make them in 8 months, even in the not always so sunny Germany.
    they aren't as efficient as silicon solar panels but they are MUCH MUCH cheaper.

  • Re:Doubly green (Score:3, Informative)

    by sumdumass ( 711423 ) on Tuesday November 25, 2008 @01:29PM (#25888163) Journal

    No, I didn't assume anything, I talk to the neighbor and he didn't realize how much it would cost until after he started paying for it. He did it because he thought it would be cheaper and found that it wouldn't be when he had to pay for it.

    Other people might think the way your described, I have even been known to go further across town and buy something that costs a couple dollars more just to avoid giving money to a store I didn't like for whatever reason. I have even driven 10 miles to get gas at a station selling it for 5 cents cheaper to make the point. However, people doing things for ulterior reasons isn't really the point, the point was that the shit costs so much more then regular energy that they stopped comparing the two and end up measuring it in the costs of emotional issues instead. And as long as it works, expect more and more of it. As long as someone like my neighbor will concentrate on the BS spewed instead of the actual costs, it will always be more then regular energy.

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