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R2D2-Shaped DVD and Videogame Projector 147

Rikardon writes "Nikko Home Electronics has created a DVD projector that looks and moves like R2D2 — with a remote control shaped like the Millenium Falcon. The specs aren't bad: a claimed projection area of up to 6.6m; built-in DVD and CD players; analog and digital video and audio ports; various memory card orifices, and an internal iPod dock. Favorite feature: tilt the legs to adjust the projection height, up to and including projection on the ceiling. No word on whether it projects holograms."
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R2D2-Shaped DVD and Videogame Projector

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  • Re:6.6m area, eh? (Score:5, Insightful)

    by iamdrscience ( 541136 ) on Thursday May 08, 2008 @03:53PM (#23342162) Homepage
    Have you not bought a television or monitor in the past three decades? Screen area is almost always described the length of the diagonal. It's a little confusing when comparing screens of different aspect ratios, but it's way more succinct to talk about your "42 inch" screen than your "902 square inch" screen, or even your "40 inch by 22.5 inch" screen.

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