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Brain Control Headset for Gamers 152

gbjbaanb writes "Gamers will soon be able to interact with the virtual world using their thoughts and emotions alone. Headsets which read neural activity are not new, but Ms Le [president of US/Australian firm Emotiv] said the Epoc was the first consumer device that can be used for gaming. 'This is the first headset that doesn't require a large net of electrodes, or a technician to calibrate or operate it and does require gel on the scalp,' she said. 'It also doesn't cost tens of thousands of dollars.'" Wait until the government can get warrantless wiretaps on the logs of those things.
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Brain Control Headset for Gamers

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  • by jellomizer ( 103300 ) * on Wednesday February 20, 2008 @10:10AM (#22487364)
    "Wait until the government can get warrantless wiretaps on the logs of those things."

    Must every paragraph be twisted and poked until it makes some political comment. I don't know about the rest of you but I find it very annoying. Politics is only a small section that effect peoples lives. Things do happen without a political motive or really needs a political comantary. I think we as a people are getting obsessive over politics, everything needs a deep meaning. It doesn't enjoy life a bit.
  • This is progress? (Score:0, Insightful)

    by Poseiden ( 575105 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2008 @10:58AM (#22487948)
    Is nobody else seeing the terrible downsides to the technology that we are inventing here?

    Imagine a world 30 years from now where robots running on ____ fuel do all of the worlds manual labor. Meanwhile, there are gigantic slums of the poor dying off due to starvation because they have no jobs because the robots can do it for less. Governments won't care because the transfer of power from democratic governments will move to our increasingly large corporations - think feudal. The ones with the jobs are the robot programmers, makers, and all other job sectors still left after such a shift from labor to services is complete. It's these people (many of us would be included in this technological future, of course) that still hate their jobs and go home and hook up to a virtual reality machine to, not be happy, but merely relieve the stress of work.

    We don't need a hostile AI takeover to enslave us in the Matrix; we have been enslaving ourselves in the Matrix ever since the industrial revolution. Are we happier? No. Why are we doing it? Evolution. Machines are simply the next evolution after Man.

  • by WK2 ( 1072560 ) on Wednesday February 20, 2008 @01:14PM (#22490022) Homepage

    All this hand-wringing about "warrantless wiretaps" is wasted energy. Unless you are intentionally planning/doing stuff to harm people, you need not worry about this.

    Or if you plan to do drugs. Or if you speak critically of the government. Or if you plan to do anything at all that someone else might find objectionable (which is pretty much everything). Or if you just don't want your dirty laundry in public view.

    There have been so many foiled plots from these so-called warrantless wiretaps, plots that if carried would have killed thousands or brought Internet businesses to their knees, that if you knew the full truth, you'd be glad these wiretaps exist.

    Name one.

    As it is, the general public can't know everything, because it would compromise the very intelligence gathering that saves lives.

    That's a little too convenient.

    For what it's worth, I believe you when you say you've worked in intelligence. You spout the same things they do.

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