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Asus Corrects Eee PC Source Code Issue 157

ozmanjusri writes "Asus has corrected the availability of source code for its Eee PC, and reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the requirements of open source licenses, including the GPL. They also announced the upcoming release of a new SDK to assist the Open Source community development on the Eee PC."
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Asus Corrects Eee PC Source Code Issue

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  • by Apple Acolyte ( 517892 ) on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @03:03PM (#21508009)
    EEE? Triple E PC? What's with the name (i.e. what does it signify)?
  • by hacker ( 14635 ) <> on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @03:03PM (#21508021)

    I see this quite a lot... companies admitting their guilt, and then releasing "cleaned up" source code that complies with the license(s) in question.

    The problem is that "cleaned-up" source code creates a different set of binaries, for which source code must also be released.

    They need to release the SAME source code that was used to create the binaries which they've already released and distributed, not just "cleaned-up" code, which generates different binaries.

  • by houstonbofh ( 602064 ) on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @03:17PM (#21508203)
    I work for a company that provides Open Source solutions. We are actively involved in several FOSS projects, and support the concept any way we can. That said, with the rapid advances of the base projects, and our changes to those projects, it is very easy to let publishing the source slip down the priority list. I have forgotten several times, and this has been on projects I develop for! (I fix it as soon as I realize...) I would bet many omissions can be attributed to overwork, and not malice.
  • That Extra Mile (Score:4, Interesting)

    by tundra_man ( 719419 ) on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @03:24PM (#21508265)
    I have noted in the last few days the release of the various bits of source code and am happy to see Asus ensure that they are in compliance. Now I would love for them to go the extra mile and release the code changes to MadWifi to support the wireless. I know this is released under a BSD style license and they are not obligated but one of the biggest weaknesses of the Eee right now for me is the inability of their wpa_supplicant to offer enterprise encryption support. Something that is hard to change without the MadWifi source or switching to use NDISWrapper. The Eee is the best gadget but I want my wireless @ work.

    NOTE: I have asked Asus about enterprise encryption support and they have said it may be coming. I have also asked about the madwifi source but received no definitive answer yet.

  • by Entropius ( 188861 ) on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @04:06PM (#21508913)
    Asus has a history of making good stuff (I'm typing on an Asus laptop at the moment) but with occasionally wacky names and marketing phrases.

  • Last minute changes (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 28, 2007 @04:35PM (#21509345)
    Full Disclosure.....I haven't received my eee yet, I ordered it last Wednesday and it is due to arrive this week. I can't logon here at my client; my nick is alanbcohen

    As I understand it, Asus used a new chip to meet the cost targets and had to make some last minute code changes to get working systems out the door. No 'cleanup' of proprietary source, no trying to hide stuff. Over at the eeeuser forum, they are already reporting successful recompiles of the source and use in a different distro install on an eee. Delay due to oversight is the simplest explanation (huh, ever heard of Occam's Razor?). All you conspiracy hunters; find a new playground!
  • by someone1234 ( 830754 ) on Thursday November 29, 2007 @04:00AM (#21515481)
    Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

    These are trademarked by M$, Asus would get into serious trouble.

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