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World's Densest Memory Cells Created 46

toybuilder writes "A Reuters new article reports the development of the world's densest memory circuit at Caltech & UCLA. The circuit has a bit storage density of 100Gb/cm^2; about 100 times the density of today's memory circuits. Interestingly, this new design places memory cells at junctions of a tic-tac-toe-like grid of wires, somewhat reminescent of core memory of the past."
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World's Densest Memory Cells Created

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  • Re:Its the same... (Score:3, Insightful)

    by evanbd ( 210358 ) on Friday January 26, 2007 @01:42AM (#17765056)

    Actually no... most memory chips are sold in bits, kbits, mbits, etc. SRAM, DRAM, Flash, anything -- individual memory chips are mostly sold in bits. This (oddly, perhaps) includes both chips that are intended to be aggregated into RAM sticks and 16 bit wide SRAM chips intended for embedded devices. I have no idea why, but I've gone shopping for discrete memory chips before and that's largely the way it is.

    Now, obviously two groups coming up with the same size and density in two days suggests a slashdot dupe, but two expressing it in bits? No, that's not at all surprising.

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