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World's Densest Memory Cells Created 46

toybuilder writes "A Reuters new article reports the development of the world's densest memory circuit at Caltech & UCLA. The circuit has a bit storage density of 100Gb/cm^2; about 100 times the density of today's memory circuits. Interestingly, this new design places memory cells at junctions of a tic-tac-toe-like grid of wires, somewhat reminescent of core memory of the past."
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World's Densest Memory Cells Created

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 26, 2007 @01:36AM (#17764490)

    Maybe Ray Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge were on the money. Except, it occurs to me, if the silicon valley companies come up with a singularity, why do they have to bring the rest of humanity along? In fact, the faster they accelerate, the longer it will take to disseminate the advanced technology, until at some point it cannot disseminate fast enough. So they'll just disappear by themselves!

    Incidentally, I'm not sure this is a dupe; the first article said that HP did it and this one says that now CalTech has done it. They were working independently. It's nice to have an independent lab reproduce your results. Just ask Pons and Fleischmann.

  • Its the same... (Score:3, Informative)

    by Fallen Kell ( 165468 ) on Friday January 26, 2007 @01:50AM (#17764618)
    All you need to know is that they both talk about the same exact 160,000 bits memory implementation to know it is the same. No two competing groups would both come up with that same strange way of expressing the memory size. Anyplace else would say 20,000 bytes, or 19.53125 KB, not 160,000 bits.
  • Re:Its the same... (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 26, 2007 @02:01AM (#17764716)

    The article says they were working in cooperation.

  • Jesus Christ (Score:4, Informative)

    by OverlordQ ( 264228 ) on Friday January 26, 2007 @04:32AM (#17765648) Journal
    Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick people, a good sweeping majority of the comments so far have been "OMG DUPE", "OMG SLASHDOT SUXORS", "EDITORS ARE STEWPID".

    How about next time there's a dupe, you just don't comment. Let the people who have something intelligent and informative to say post. Also, not everybody might have seen it the first time.

    Lighten Up.

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