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Sony Kills off Aibo, Qrio, Qualia 189

Tomo-chan writes "It seems Sony's cost-cutting has made it a more pragmatic company. The new boss has weilded his mighty chopper and put an end to both Aibo and Qrio, as well as some other marginal product lines. Aibo -- we'll miss you..."
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Sony Kills off Aibo, Qrio, Qualia

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  • Bad marketing (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday January 26, 2006 @11:47AM (#14568805)
    Ever been in "The Sony Store"?
    There's always a slight "we're better than you" vibe in there. Their prices are always higher than elsewhere for the same product.

    And as for Aibo, I popped into that store a couple times hoping to see the damn thing, but do they actuall carry a demo Aibo? Nope. Think of the buzz and attraction it would bring to have one on display, even if it were in a glass box? Part of marketing a retail mall store is to just get people to come in. The Aibo would have been the perfect "buzz" to bring people in. But nope.... No Aibo.

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