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Red Hat and HP Establish Linux Storage Lab 82

Rob writes "Linux distributor Red Hat has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to create a new performance test lab to help customers deploy enterprise storage across Linux environments. The lab will focus on performance and integration testing in order to produce best practices and solutions guides, the companies said, and will also enable customers to preview new technological developments."
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Red Hat and HP Establish Linux Storage Lab

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  • i wish ... (Score:4, Insightful)

    by dominic.laporte ( 306430 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @11:14AM (#13621725)
    they do performance tests on

    1) postgres with large data sets over SATA and IDE hard drives.
    2) mysql with large data sets over SATA and IDE hard drives.
    3) both of the above over

    coraid drivers are gpl and part of the kernel already.
  • by fourbeer ( 144112 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @11:35AM (#13621881)
    I believe M$oft does not allow the sale of blank systems. They really control what goes on a system. I think Wal-mart tried this and was strong-armed by M$soft.
  • Not quite (Score:5, Insightful)

    by earnest murderer ( 888716 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @11:38AM (#13621904)
    This is mostly a webvertisment/reference for deploying GFS on HP Proliant server hardware.
  • by F_Scentura ( 250214 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @12:38PM (#13622425)
    I've heard of some shady tactics in my time working for a larger PC OEM, but *never* a mention of this. The shipping out of winmodems (and similar components) was done for reasons of cost, not to reduce interoperability.
  • by liquidpele ( 663430 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @12:42PM (#13622461) Journal
    A better idea would be in have a startOS CD that only booted into a nice graphical interface, and then asked you what OS you wanted to install (windows, RedHat, both). It would then charge you for windows should you choose it, or free for linux, etc. Then it would install what it could from what was already on disk, and download anything else it needed if the internet was connected.

    This way HP controls the desktop, and linux looks really good since it's free.
  • by nkrgovic ( 311833 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @01:43PM (#13623009)
    ...would be an option from HP, to buy the ability to buy a Linux desktop as easily as one can buy a Windows one from HP's website. I know HP does not want any kind of liability but Linux desktops could be sold without as much support as the Windows desktops...

    This has NOTHING to do with Linux. It's a deal between HP and RedHat - just two croporations making bussines. And Yes, for the record, you can buy Red Hat on HP Workstations and Servers, and, also, on some corporate desktops you can go for SuSE or FreeDos.

    The point of this deal is for the HP to have at least an Unix-like (Please no flame here - Linux is GNU, and GNU is Not Unix) OS with full storage support in it's control. IBM allready has a full Unix with Storage access (AIX), Sun too. Even Apple has an offer. This is just something that HP needs, and Red Hat gets a nice deal too. It has nothing to do with Linux, or something an enthusiast can use - it's just bussines.

  • by WillerZ ( 814133 ) on Thursday September 22, 2005 @02:26PM (#13623361) Homepage
    Fuck off.

    Once you know what you're doing in console-land you can do everything you need to do quicker than using a GUI. And, having done it once, you can copy your shell history into a script and do the same thing to the other 800 linux machines you're responsible for adminning.

    Remote admin is a billion times easier if you can get all the crappy GUI shit out of the equation. Of course, Linux started with no crappy GUI shit to remove so the hard work doesn't need doing.

    If you can't use the console you shouldn't have root, and will therefore have no need to use the console.

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