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Discussing Logitech's New Gaming Mice 242

Paul writes "Logitech had a busy day announcing three new products designed for gamers. The company introduced the Logitech G15 keyboard, G5 and G7 G-Series gaming mice. TechSpot had a brief talk with Erik Charlton, senior product-marketing manager at Logitech, who shared a few ideas and details on Logitech's newly announced products."
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Discussing Logitech's New Gaming Mice

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  • Optimus (Score:1, Interesting)

    by bigwavejas ( 678602 ) * on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:26AM (#13303652) Journal
    Logitech definitely isn't the first company to consider a keyboard which can be used for gaming. I'm really excited about: []
  • Display? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by TGK ( 262438 ) on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:29AM (#13303681) Homepage Journal
    The article mentions a built in display - configured by the player to show in game information or data from an outside application.

    Two questions:

    1 - Who really looks at their keyboard that much during a game session?

    2 - How are they pulling data from a game engine? Is this assuming that developers will build software for this keyboard system for major releases? That seems presumptive.

  • I use.... (Score:2, Interesting)

    by KingBahamut ( 615285 ) on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:32AM (#13303705)
    A Razer Chameleon and an Elumix Black. Was going to go with the Logitec Mouse....but the Razer looked nicer and IMHO the buttons were easier to get to. [] []

    Both seem to suit me just fine.
  • Re:Mice in games (Score:3, Interesting)

    by TGK ( 262438 ) on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:38AM (#13303763) Homepage Journal
    This gets a lot of discussion on Slashdot and other sites of similar ilk. We're oft told that the reason we don't see a keyboard and mouse with a console is that both of these things benefit from the desk that they typicaly sit on.

    You're right - for a FPS or a strategy game, a mouse and keyboard are, by far, the best interface (yet).

    I just wonder how true that bit about the desk being necessary really is. I've played with gyro mice (expensive, yes, but mostly because they're a niche product) and have pretty much always been able to use a keyboard on my lap -- so why don't we see more keyboard/mouse interfaces becoming available for the couch environment?

    MSFT is supposed to be playing the XBox 360 as a home media device -- perhaps a keyboard will become standard issue with that.

  • Re:Images here (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Skye16 ( 685048 ) on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:39AM (#13303776)
    As an aside, but, the new logitech mice with the sensitivity switching SUCK!

    I game an awful lot, and I've gotten used to not using them. I'm sure they may help some users, but I don't _truly_ see the need. What I WOULD like, however, is to map those extra buttons into something else. I have an MX518 and the fact that I have 3 extra buttons that I can't use for anything just irritates me.

    Would it be so hard for them to give me the option to disable that stuff entirely and map those buttons as Mouse 6, 7, and 8? THAT is something I would love. Hell, I'd probably buy a second one, just to show them how much I love them.
  • Re:Images here (Score:5, Interesting)

    by plover ( 150551 ) * on Friday August 12, 2005 @10:48AM (#13303853) Homepage Journal
    The more I think about it, the more this could really enhance realism to gaming by removing onscreen clutter.

    It'll be interesting to try it out. I like to play America's Army in a darkened room, and for total immersion I'd love to get rid of all the status bars, bullet counts, magazine counts, health, steadiness, objectives, etc. Just show me a picture out the soldiers eyes. A small glowing compass and current weapon indicator down below my line of sight would be perfect. In a firefight or tense "scan for opfor" situation, all you see is either nothing or targets. Once the action has passed, though, you can steal a quick glance down to see how you're doing for ammo, is there a medic call, etc. And as in the real world, when you divert attention away from the situation to check on the mundane details, you might miss something.

    Yeah, this looks really interesting. It might not improve my frag rate, but it sure could improve my enjoyment.

  • keyboard (Score:5, Interesting)

    by CaptnMArk ( 9003 ) on Friday August 12, 2005 @11:40AM (#13304302)
    I hope the keyboard doesn't have the f**ing f-lock.

    Whoever invented disabling the function keys by default on new keyboard should just die.

    The only reason I'm not buying a keyboard from is due to lack of USB support (I find most converters are problematic).
  • For what it's worth (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Windsinger ( 889841 ) <`ten.enilnotpo' `ta' `xohp'> on Friday August 12, 2005 @12:05PM (#13304470) Homepage
    Keyboard: []

    You can smash this keyboard with both hands, your head, and anything else and it will always work. Resists Sodas, coffee and cat hair very well too!

    As for mice, I really am in love with the Razor Diamondback [], you can change sensitivity on the fly with the roller while holding down any button you chose. Plus it has a LOT of buttons, 2 on each side. Regardless if you use them all or not, it's nice to have them there, unlike the Logitech mouse here which has 1 (!!!) side button. Obviously they are NOT researching games very well!

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