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Fujitsu Debuts Bendable Electronic Paper 304

An anonymous reader writes "Fujitsu today announced their joint development of the world's first film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper with an image memory function. The new electronic paper features vivid color images that are unaffected even when the screen is bent, and features an image memory function that enables continuous display of the same image without the need for electricity. The thin and flexible electronic paper uses very low power to change screen images, thereby making it ideal for displaying information or advertisements in public areas as a type of new electronic media that can be handled as easily as paper. The jointly developed electronic paper will be showcased at Fujitsu Forum 2005, to be held July 14 and 15 at Tokyo International Forum."
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Fujitsu Debuts Bendable Electronic Paper

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  • Paperless office? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by line-bundle ( 235965 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @03:12AM (#13070674) Homepage Journal
    So maybe the paperless office will appear before the paperless toilet?
  • by iignotus ( 877104 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @03:23AM (#13070715)
    I wonder if this technology will ever be realized as a whole new way to distribute information. It can potentially cut down on the cost of paper and ink, not to mention reduce the amount of trees being cut down for paper. I hope this idea gets heavily pursued by anyone who has the knowhow to further it.
  • Re:Paperless office? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Andrew Tanenbaum ( 896883 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @03:52AM (#13070814)
    India has had the paperless toilet for a long time, and it's cleaner too. They use a kettle like device called the bodna.
  • by Underholdning ( 758194 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @04:03AM (#13070846) Homepage Journal
    There are a lot of applications for a technology that can change what is printed. Check out this keyboard [] for instance
  • by stoph ct ( 899877 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @04:04AM (#13070850)
    what if they started making shirts with this e-paper attached on the front? change your clothes via USB. I'm not sure how durable this stuff is, but if you put it in some sort of protective coating it should be good? hell, I'm sure someone would start an advertising business out of it, "Wear Microsoft ads on your shirt and get paid!"
  • What's the curve (Score:2, Interesting)

    by pvanes ( 900014 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @04:48AM (#13070973)
    A couple of things about electronic paper. The displays are too slow to be used for anything other than static display of information at this time. The screen needs to refresh in it's entirety whenever anything changes on the page. That takes almost a second and is combined with some flicker. Hence the display cannot keep up with typing speed, and is useless for interactivity.

    The electronic paper would therefore always be a secondary display, for static information. Obvious usage examples are to extend the display area of mobile devices such as phones or PDA's. The interesting thing is that for such applications the curvature of the bend of the electronic paper is a key issue. You see, if the curvature is not big enough, the paper will not roll-up into the device whilst keeping the device size small.

    By the looks of the photo in the article, the curvature is nowhere near good enough to allow the paper to be rolled into a small radius roll of paper that would comfortably fit in a hand-held device design.

  • by lolocaust ( 871165 ) <sage> on Friday July 15, 2005 @05:04AM (#13071019) Homepage Journal
    I can see it now ....... publishing companines suing illegal book sharers. eBooks on a PC arent very convenient, but once this thechnology is widely available, the paper companies' business model will be under threat, unless they offer legal book downloads.
  • by ear1grey ( 697747 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @05:40AM (#13071093) Homepage
    ...can some people please think of better applications than advertising...
    Instant Home Redecoration with Electronic Paper []
    • "Computer, today I'd like a soothing wall colour that matches these freshly cut flowers." or,
    • "Computer, it's party time, give me some garish birthday balloons and streamers." or most likely,
    • "Computer, break out the pr0n."
  • by Andrew Cady ( 115471 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @06:33AM (#13071276)
    Take those expressway billboards and put up Amber Alerts on them. Instead of the dot matrix text message we have on highway overpass displays, we can do full color pictures with the child's stats. The technology allows us to easily change and remove the image when the child is found (via Wi-Fi or cellular connection to Police headquarters).
    More likely: high-way ads start looking like doubleclick ads, until accidents result in a class-action suit.

    The one interesting application is in cheap portable computers, but the oligopy in place knows very well that serving the low-end market would be suicide for the high-end.

    What are the chances geeks will be able to get individual screens with an open interface? Pretty slim for now, but if it happens I'll put one on a waysmall [] and build my own cheaper, smaller, energy-efficient laptop.

  • by dovf ( 811000 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @07:52AM (#13071541)
    "The environmental impacts of getting a newspaper dropped on your doorstep each morning vastly outweigh those of receiving the same information via a handheld electronic device such as a personal digital assistant (PDA)", according to this article [].
  • Re:Constitution (Score:1, Interesting)

    by jcnnghm ( 538570 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @10:14AM (#13072627)
    This stuff is scary.

    A friend of mine played a trick on me with an electronic paper prototype. He was able to get a hold of a prototype (he works in the industry, and is very wealthy) and had someone use it on me when I signed a contract. It felt enough like real paper that I didn't notice, I read the contract, it was sitting on a metal clipboard type thing, and I signed and initialed in the appropriate places. A second later, when the contract was in the other person's hand, I saw the wording and the numbers change.

    Needless to say, I flipped out. Things like $1,000 changed to $1,000,000 among other things. Assuming that wasn't a totally different technology, the bastard refused to tell me how it was done, but did come out and say it was just a joke, this stuff has some very serious potential to be misused in a major way. In retrospect, I hadn't slept for close to 48 hours due to an unrelated matter, so that may have dulled my ability to recognize that it wasn't a standard piece of paper.
  • by Durrik ( 80651 ) < minus poet> on Friday July 15, 2005 @10:42AM (#13072921) Homepage
    If they can get a large format for the paper it would be useful for design verification meetings. Where you can put a nice big piece of paper on the table and have people go through it, and update it as you like.

    A screen isn't as useful for that. Because really only one or two people can go up to it and point things out, whereas large digital paper can get 8+ people around it. A screen, a projector, or an electronic white board, aren't as portable and if they aren't in the facility where you are meeting then you're out of luck.

    Also digital paper will probably have a much, much higher resolution then a projection screen. We're talking DPI here of at least 75 (hopefully 600x600 at least in the future), where as a projection screen capable of 1024 pixels over 10 feet wide you have 10. So you can get much more detail to where more people can get close to it.

    But what I would really like it for is for my gaming table. If it takes 2 seconds to update the entire page that covers the table (E sized would be perfect), that would make my just as a DM much better. When I set up a fight I have to get out there with the spray bottle to clean off the battle map, then spend a few minutes to draw the map. Compare it to what you have before, find that you screwed up something specifically needed that the entire scenario is about and redraw that section, find you have over spray on the water bottle, and redraw that section. It often takes about 10 minutes of game time.

    Heck if it takes a minute to update a page that size I still wouldn't mind. It saves me a great deal of time, all I have to do is scan the maps into the laptop, and then have it display things. It especially gets rid of the smart ass player syndrom who gets handed the pen to draw the parts of the map that you can't reach easily.
  • by TheFlamingoKing ( 603674 ) on Friday July 15, 2005 @01:46PM (#13075055)
    The one that tried to kill him? No, I'll pass. Not my ideal woman.

    Sharon Stone is old anyway.

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