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OQO For Sale 207

captainJam writes "After many delays, the OQO is available for sale, or pre-order actually. However, they will begin shipping in the middle of next month. Read the scoop for how much it'll set you back. Check this link if you're still not sure what the OQO is." Update: 10/13 13:49 GMT by H : I've got a Model 01 that was sent over for review; I'll be checking it out with both XP & Linux; it's definitely one of the cooler handhelds out there.
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OQO For Sale

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  • From the OQO Website (Score:5, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:48AM (#10513018)
    The OQO model 01 ultra personal computer (uPC) is a fully-functional Windows XP computer. The OQO has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, a color transflective display, and integrated wireless, as well as Fire Wire and USB ports. It is powerful enough to run your most complex applications.

    Just 4.9 inches long, 3.4 inches wide, .9 inches thin, and weighing only 14 ounces, the model 01 can fit in a pocket or purse and go with you anywhere. For easy typing and cursor control it has a complete thumb keyboard with TrackStik and mouse buttons as well as digital pen and thumbwheel. It is the much anticipated device for people who previously had to choose between the bulk and awkwardness of a laptop and the limited capability of a PDA.

    The OQO model 01 is also the most versatile computer to date. With the OQO docking cable, it can easily connect to projectors and Ethernet. Placed in the desktop stand it is a desktop computer, allowing you to connect easily to a variety of peripherals, including full-size keyboards, printers, scanners, and high-resolution monitors. It shifts easily from one mode to the other with no data synchronization required. With an OQO model 01 you can move throughout your day and enjoy constant access to all your information and Windows XP programs. You can use the same computer for high-powered applications at work, sending email at home, listening to music on a train, or watching a movie on an airplane. It is the only computer you need.

  • by leonmergen ( 807379 ) * <lmergen&gmail,com> on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:52AM (#10513050) Homepage
    Not even that, but try to link to a site that's a bit more descriptive about what it actually is. It's a long time ago I've seen such a bad 'What is >?' site. It immediately starts of with technical details, that it has a power chord, etc.

    What the hell is it ? Is it a PDA ? Is it a notebook ? Is it the latest wannahave-gadget ?

  • Re:And the OQO is... (Score:5, Informative)

    by DigitumDei ( 578031 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:52AM (#10513052) Homepage Journal

    The official marketing version. :)
  • by mreed911 ( 794582 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:53AM (#10513062)
    Unfortunately for Linux users, there is no option to not have any OS installed.

    The USB is currently 1.1

    So you have to pay M$ royalties, regardless of whether you intend to use Windows, and no USB 2.0 support. Lovely.
  • by JanneM ( 7445 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:54AM (#10513068) Homepage
    I've looked at that one, as well as the Sony U series, but basically, I've come to the conclusion that I really want a keyboard as well, not a writable screen. So much of what I do involves writing in one form or another. I've ended up ordering one of these [] instead. Sure, it won't (quite) fit into a coat pocket - you need to have it in your bag - but it is a lot more computer for about the same price.
  • Here's what it is... (Score:5, Informative)

    by kidgenius ( 704962 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:54AM (#10513072)
    You'd think our boy Timothy would at least link to the page of the manufacturer where there are images, and stands a better chance against /.'ing. Here you go's some sort of portable computer [] thing.
  • Specs (Score:2, Informative)

    by Sgt_Nikon ( 131875 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:55AM (#10513079) Homepage
    model 01 ultra personal computer

    1 GHz processor, 20GB HD, 256MB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, FireWire, audio, thumb keyboard, 800x480 indoor/outdoor readable LCD (ships with: removable lithium polymer battery, docking cable, desktop stand, power supply, carrying sleeve, and digital pen.)

    Windows XP Home $1899.00
    Windows XP Pro $1999.00

    Microsoft Office Small Business Edition Pre-installed $300.00

    I believe prices are USD.
  • More info links. (Score:3, Informative)

    by will_die ( 586523 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:56AM (#10513088) Homepage
    Here are some info links
    extremetech []
    The register []

    Since this is not the first machine of theses types of machines, nor has it been modded to run Linux how does this rate as News for Nerds?
  • by dave ( 223 ) <> on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:56AM (#10513089) Homepage
    The OQO computer is a full-featured pocketable Windows XP computer.

    Google search []

  • by kidgenius ( 704962 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @09:56AM (#10513092)
    Actually, it does have bluetooth and 802.11b support.
  • by cyngus ( 753668 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @10:03AM (#10513152)
    Of course this is expensive. Ever notice how most things work on an exponential curve? As you get smaller and smaller the price begins to go up disproportionately. Why? Cause its hard to cram a whole computer into something the size of a 1990 cell phone! If you think this device is too expensive you don't understand the market its aimed at. Its not really for Joe Sixpack. Its for Joseph Suit that wants to take his computer with him and not carry a laptop.
  • Specs (Score:3, Informative)

    by Remlik ( 654872 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @11:16AM (#10513836) Homepage
    Ok here are the specks from the site.

    "1GHz Transmeta processor
    20GB hard drive (shock-mounted)
    256MB DDR RAM
    Dimensions: 4.9" x 3.4" x .9"
    Weight: 14 ounces
    800 x 480 W-VGA 5" transflective display (indoor/outdoor readable)
    3D accelerated graphics with 8mb video RAM
    QWERTY thumb keyboard with mouse buttons and TrackStik®
    802.11b wireless
    Bluetooth® wireless
    4-pin FireWire® (1394)
    USB 1.1
    3.5mm stereo headphone jack
    Digital pen
    Removable lithium polymer battery
    Battery life up to three hours, depending on usage
    OQO docking cable includes:
    3D accelerated 1280 x 1024 VGA video output
    Additional USB
    Additional FireWire (1394)
    DC power
    Audio out

    additional features
    Active hard drive protection that safely parks hard drive heads upon detecting freefall
    Screen that slides on rack and pinion mechanism to reveal thumb keyboard
    Shift, control, function and alt keys that have smart-lock with LED indicators
    Thumbwheel allows for traditional scrolling as well as enhanced features
    Ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts backlight to appropriate level
    External antenna connector for 802.11b (in addition to built-in diversity antennas)

    Now the part that stands out to me (besides the USB 1.1, I guess Firewire is the way to go) is the 3 hour battery life, depending on usage.

    Ok so we've basically stepped back in time 5 years to ultra crappy laptops that don't last long enough to fly half way across the US.

    I'm guessing that if you're using the wifi that battery time is probably less than 2 hours. Reminds me of the Ipaq I used to have that lasted all of an hour without plugging it in. Talk about your useless wireless POC.
  • by LordMyren ( 15499 ) on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @12:06PM (#10514281) Homepage
    pay half as much and get the smallest USABLE laptop. The fujitsu p1120. 800mhz crusoe, 4.5h battery life (with extended battery) and touchscreen. keyboard i can code on all day. its a beautiful beautiful system. shell out the cash for the extra ram. and laptops inc/portable one should gladly upgrade your hard drive, if you so request, usually at very reasonable prices.

    Fujitsu p1120. Purchase here [] and forums for it here [].
  • "Cool" or hot? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Great_Jehovah ( 3984 ) * on Wednesday October 13, 2004 @07:01PM (#10518643)
    I've heard things things are real handwarmers.

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