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Bluesniper Creator Interviewed on Gizmodo 42

carbolic writes "Gizmodo interviews John Hering, one of the Bluedriving crew (of which I was one: picture) and creator of the Bluesniper rifle. Get the backstory on the recent 1.08 mile cellphone Bluesnarf attack and find out his motivation for building the rifle and trying a snarf to a cellphone you can't even see."
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Bluesniper Creator Interviewed on Gizmodo

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    all your bluetooth phones are belong to us.
  • by Gopal.V ( 532678 ) on Saturday August 07, 2004 @08:33AM (#9907957) Homepage Journal
    It's never been done and more importantly "You can do it !!" (in a totally non-Waterboy style).

    The real question to be asked is - What next ? :)

    Linux upped my productivity, now up yours.
  • Customs (Score:2, Funny)

    by elbazo ( 779536 )
    The question is, if he tried to get that out of the country would he be called a terrorist for having a rifle shaped object that would interfere with the planes radar system.
    • Really doesn't seem to bright to use this thing anywhere but a secure area where everyone knows what it is. All you need is one 911 call and next thing you know you got a swat team asking questions. Questions like "stop twitching or we will shoot you again", "would you like you bunk-mate to be a gigantic horny black guy or a white biker guy".

      Something tells me these guys are going to be in the news more often.

    • In actual fact he'd probably be alright provided he packed it in the hold luggage and removed the batteries.

      Your average X-ray machine will trivially see it isn't powered and doesn't contain explosives and they'll just ignore it.

  • by barks ( 640793 ) on Saturday August 07, 2004 @08:38AM (#9907978) Homepage
    When I saw this gizmo originally on Tom's Hardware Defcon 12 review [] (posted on a /. article), I thought in deed it was clever but more so intriguing b/c it was slapped on to a rifle handle. I can just imagine bingo-ladies calling 911 when they see a bunch of lads driving around pointing this thing aimlessly out the window trying to snag a signal, if their team name "Bluedriving crew".

    No doubt a solid way to get in trouble is to make something look like a weapon and walk around public with it, or to point one of them laser pointers at Bill Clinton [] at a next book signing (offtopic note: notice the stiff no-ass-grab-hug in that picture he has to do now).:P
  • What exactly is covered in that article that we didn't read about yesterday?
    Just look at the replies, everyone is just going over the same "you'd totally get arrested" ground. There's nothing new to discuss, which begs the question, why post the story?
  • Firearm offence? (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    If you started pointing this around in public in the uk, you would be likely to be either shot or taken in for questioning relating to a firearms offence (it doesn't have to be a real firearm).
  • Double Standard? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward
    Let me get this straight: This guy invented a gadget which is expressly designed to mess with other people's property, correct?

    And this makes him a geek hero?

    If this device was a US government-sponsored project,can you imagine the barrage of outraged posts?

    • Someone has to demonstrate security flaws. I don't like the black hacker mentality, but sometimes people have to prove it directly.

      You can be sure that the government won't. They like having backdoors anyway, although they generally aren't smart enough to close their own backdoors.

      I think it is stupid to make a yagi look like a sniper rifle-raygun anyway, the beam width is usually way too wide anyway. I'd like to see the range those things get with a parabolic. You won't be able to do the sniper look
    • Nope just he made a realy good Bluetooth anntenna. what you use it fore is another subject.
    • No, this guy built a device to mess with his own property. So long as he is only using it for legal, ethical purposes I have no problem with it. If he were using it on unsuspecting random people, then he should be jailed.

      I have in my house right now a device that can not just mess with people 3 miles away, but actually kill them. So does a large percentage of the population, but I don't try that because it is unethical. (Never mind that I'm not a good enough shot to hit at even 1 mile) Same thing, its

  • by Anonymous Coward
    to have something that looks like a rifle in these uneasy times. Jittery armed security types have been know to shoot first and ask questions later.

    Anyone care to try this out at the upcoming RNC in NYC. Police: "I think we have a shooter here." "Take him out, now!".

    • uneasy times..? the times are no more uneasy in regards to our safety then they were 10 years ago, the only difference is the current administration likes to shove every little detail down our throats color coded and laced with fear.
  • Ok.. you made a nuisance device and shaped it like a weapon. Wow, that's so incredibly special!!

    Seriously, why not put all that effort into something that *might actually* be useful for people? I mean it's not like RF devices are black magic anymore, so where's the challenge, the feeling of discovery.

    This sounds like something that rednecks should be doing not geeks. Overall I rate the story: "Boooo!!".

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