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Walgreens PureDigital Camera Hacked 177

Powercntrl writes "While the Ritz version of the PureDigital single-use camera was recently hacked, the Walgreens version wasn't - until now. Codeman, the same guy who brought us the I-Opener hack, found a way to add a standard Smartmedia interface to the Walgreens camera and extract images with a standard Smartmedia reader. Links to sample images showing the camera's quality are included."
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Walgreens PureDigital Camera Hacked

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  • Re:Quality? (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:13AM (#7716364)
    According to this [], 2 megapixels.
  • Re:damn it! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Cobain ( 104632 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:31AM (#7716529)
    This [] is why they don't cache webpages. RTFF!
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:35AM (#7716563)

    ok i did some hacking on the walgreess version and here's what i have done..
    first thanks to zonyl for getting me some cameras to mess with..

    ok if you look at d_board_hr_back_mod
    you will see there is a daughter board on there with the nand flash for picture storage ..
    if you remove that board you can add a smartmedia socket and using smartmedia card you will
    be able to get the pics with a smartmedia reader standard jpg's but it will not do more that
    25 pics still (think its using fat12)..

    also there is a serial port there labeled rs232 it a ttl level serial port ..
    pin 1 rx []square on board
    pin 2 tx
    pin 3 gnd
    pin 4 data out ?? for lcd ?? video ??

    if you hook up a max232 type chip to the board and a pc , in a term program hit
    space bar and the camera will return a 0x01 hex (looks like it does autobaud rate)
    and if you hit the - key twice it will trigger the flash and count the remaining
    counter down but does not write to flash .
    and if you send a 029 dec (hold alt and type 029 on keypad then release alt) if will
    change the format of the data coming out on pin 4..( dont know yet )

    so far thats all i got in one night ..


    here are some pic to get a better idea of how it works
    daughter card removed website/r es44442
    smartmedia socket added bsite/r es44441
    here it is complete. y/website/r es44443
    another one ite/r es44445

    there is a door for the smartmedia card


  • MIRROR! (Score:3, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2003 @12:24PM (#7717061)
    Here's a mirror [] of the posting, courtesy of Worm Quartet []
  • Yeah, I bought one [] for my five-year-old, and guess what? It won't work without the chicken-shit software, which is too difficult for a five-year-old (and it doesn't really work right even for an adult). What I want is a sub-$100 camera that acts like a usb drive when my boy connects it to his PC (like my $250 camera does). Then he can drag-and-drop the pictures himself. He doesn't need a fancy LCD, just point-and-shoot plus flash. And no chicken-shit software needed.

    Any cameras that meet these requirements?

  • by fm6 ( 162816 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @01:38PM (#7717726) Homepage Journal
    No, the real benefit of hacking this camera is that you've hack something that wasn't supposed to be hacked.
  • by Fuyu ( 107589 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @01:43PM (#7717773)
    I've seen at Best Buy (and I just recently read a review about it, but I don't remember the site) a 64MB MP3 player/1.3 MP digital camera that plugs right into a USB port that sells for $99. It's white and orange.
  • by Daniel_Staal ( 609844 ) <> on Sunday December 14, 2003 @03:21PM (#7718609)
    That was never the case. A contract just has to be agreed to by both parties. A signature is the easiest, long-lasting, method of noting that agreement. A verbal contract is just as valid, but you have to have impartial witnesses to prove both sides agreed. (A good video camera should be fine, if you can be relatively sure it has not been tampered with.)

    There are specific contracts that the government requires a signature for ('real property', meaning land, is usually one...), but as a general rule a signature is not required. Just acknowledgment and agreement.

    (IANAL, but I did take Business Law, which spent most of the course covering this.)

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