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Fossil/Palm PDA Watch Reviewed 176

SLiK812 writes "Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal has a pretty good review of Palm's and Fossil's new wrist PDA. We all knew some time ago that this was coming out, and was initially covered last November and briefly last month. This is the first review I've seen, and Mossberg does bring up some interesting points, both good and bad. Definitely worth the read before buying it."
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Fossil/Palm PDA Watch Reviewed

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  • If I had my way (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 21, 2003 @04:02PM (#6493466)
    it would have a circular OLED screen that went to the edge, same face size as a normal man's watch and would simply run java, so that I could put whatever the hell I want on it.
  • by Cy Guy ( 56083 ) * on Monday July 21, 2003 @04:10PM (#6493567) Homepage Journal
    While I think a watch is one of the ideal places to keep a data device - since you always have it with you (the other being a keychain), I don't see the point of paying a $100+ premium for a fashionable one over a functional one - no matter what you are going to be considered a geek for wearing one these, that you paid $295 [] for a Fossil branded PalmOS watch versus $179 [] for a Abacus branded one, only makes you look like a geek that is careless with his money.

  • by i4u ( 234028 ) on Monday July 21, 2003 @04:41PM (#6493844) Homepage revised its shipping date to 30th of September. []
  • Here's what I want (Score:2, Interesting)

    by kaphka ( 50736 ) <> on Monday July 21, 2003 @04:55PM (#6493956)
    A bluetooth profile for "auxilary displays", and a watch that supports it. When I get a call on my bluetooth-capable PDA-phone, the watch vibrates and displays caller ID info. Ditto for text messages and appointment reminders. There's a minimal interface on the watch, just enough to look up a contact or dial the phone. Fancy models might include a loudspeaker and microphone, for PTT-style calls. Really fancy models might include a camera, for use as a videophone, once the cell phone network can support it.

    That's all I want. If I need any significant interaction, even just to enter a phone number, I'll take my PDA-phone out of my pocket and write it in a civilized fashion. A "smart watch" is primarily useful for letting me know when I don't need to do that.

    Oh, and as far as I know, none of what I'm asking for would take much hardware. Battery life might be a problem, but I'm sure someone can design a clever cradle and quick-release strap, and then I'll just charge it every night.

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