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George Foreman USB iGrill 309

luciusism writes "ThinkGeek.com is now selling the new George Foreman USB iGrill This grill is computer controlled, accesible over the internet, and is powered by USB. I couldn't wait till Christmas so I clicked on the "Add to Cart" button as soon as possible. I recommend you do the same before this gets sold out!"
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George Foreman USB iGrill

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  • by IIOIOOIOO ( 517375 ) on Tuesday April 01, 2003 @01:21PM (#5638629)
    The last sentence ruins it, and makes the joke obvious for even the most thickwitted of slashdotters.
  • by mobileskimo ( 461008 ) on Tuesday April 01, 2003 @01:48PM (#5638857) Journal
    You're right...

    Indeed, /. is not anyone's but EVERYONE'S. The owners of /. CAN do whatever they want. However, likewise, the owner's whole idea was that the posters speak their mind, including his, yours and mine. Here are mine...

    [1] Most people on /. are nerds
    [2] April fools joke or not it's still advertising, they are getting hits from the link. [3] Why are YOU so upset?
    [4] Nerd implies smart. "Retarded nerd"?
    [5] Using the word fuck so many times in one sentence detracts from the impact of the word.
    [6] I'm probably the only one that will reply to your message. Some may wonder why I replied to an obvious flame bait. I like the taste of it. Besides I have nothing to do for the next five minutes waiting for a meeting.

    PS. I hope this makes you feel stupid for posting it. Don't bother replying. I never check. I don't like to give people like you the satisfaction. :P Have a nice day.

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